Hosted, Virtual PBX

Hosted, cloud-based PBX systems are the virtual equivalents of the physical equipment used by traditional business phone systems. These hosted versions provide the same suite of central functions allowing employees to connect with one another and to the public switched telephone system (PSTN) in addition to many more that are unavailable from on-site systems. Hosted PBX systems don’t require maintenance, manual configurations, nor are they vulnerable to threats of natural disaster or inaccessibility that can leave a business disconnected.

Without the physical limitations of the physical technology of an on-site PBX, hosted PBX systems can be infinitely changed and amended to fit a business. The main difference is that hosted PBX customers don’t buy, install, or maintain any PBX equipment. Hosted PBX “equipment” is technology owned by a service provider that sells access to the system to its users.


Hosted PBX systems have the same key functions as a traditional PBX plus the ability to route calls to any phone, anywhere in the world, rather than just to phones wired directly in an office. Hosted PBX systems are infinitely customizable, have much lower entry costs, lower support costs, have greater flexibility, and they have dramatically improved scalability compared to traditional PBX systems.

Call Capacity

Hardware PBX systems can only handle as many calls as the number of incoming lines in the system. Hosted PBX services use systems with far more lines than an affordable premise-based system and ensure no busy signals.

Fault Tolerance

Hosted PBX incorporates many redundant components and multiple PBX systems with automatic fail-over. No single component can bring the system down, and even failure of an entire system simply rolls calls over to another backup system.

Distributed Administration

With web-based management portals, hosted PBX users can manage the entire system remotely. User extensions, queues, and even recorded messages, call recordings, faxes, and any other system function can be programed without a technician and at any time and from anywhere a user has an internet connection.

For a complete list of the cost-saving and performance boosting features and benefits of a hosted business telephone system from VirtualPBX, visit the plans comparison page to learn more.

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