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Uncharted Territory – The Adoption of VoIP by Population Density

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Uncharted Territory – The Adoption of VoIP by Population Density

Adoption of VoIP into Uncharted TerritoryThis is going to be neat. We’re very excited to bring you this blog post because we had the opportunity to partner exclusively with the online software and hosted PBX reviewers at Software Advice on a recent study of business owners and their adoption of VoIP. The widespread adoption of VoIP has brought hosted communications to every corner of the nation and generally into every possible industry and sector, as well. What hasn’t been quite as clear, however, is how factors like population density and company size directly has impacted the rate of adoption of VoIP. That is until now.

The Scientific Method

Before we dive into the results, it’s important to point out that the independent experts at Software Advice through their routine, objective methods have collected the data we’re analyzing. We’re using that raw data to apply context into the findings through our extensive experience with servicing the growing hosted telecommunications market over the course of the past two decades. Together, we’ve been able to collaborate to shed some compelling insights into how the adoption of VoIP can impact competitive advantages for businesses all over the country.

Opportunities To Outshine Competitors

Adoption of VoIP by Business SizeOf all the data we got to analyze, easily one of the most encouraging conclusions from it is also one that is somewhat understandable. Businesses looking for a leg-up on their competition will be in luck if their operations are further out from densely populated city centers. This is because that we learned that adoption of VoIP in more rural areas is lagging behind that of VoIP adoption in more urban settings. The reason this is not terribly shocking is twofold, but I would also assert that this is a temporary situation, as well.

First is that the general adoption of VoIP follows the trend of all new technologies in that early adopters and the venerable “Gary Gearboxes” of the world tend to live in more urban environments. This makes the trickle-down of new technology into areas outside of city centers more gradual. However, just as we’ve seen with everything from HDTV’s to smartphones and beyond, there is only a matter of time standing between now and when cloud-based communications are ubiquitous, regardless of population density.

Adoption of VoIP by DemographicAnother reason that adoption of VoIP, ahem, lags in more rural areas is that high-speed internet access isn’t as widely available there as it is in inner cities. This, however, is where there exists the greatest of opportunities for companies outside of big cities that want to get ahead of their competitors. This is because, more often than not, simply optimizing your network for VoIP is all that it takes for maintaining the fastest, most reliable, and crystal clear audio connection. Fortunately for those business owners savvy enough to take advantage of a service like this, we happen to know some networking experts.

Net Takeaway – VoIP is Outpacing the Alternatives

Probably the most compelling, and decisively clear, result of this study is that at a rate of nearly 2 to 1, adoption of VoIP is increasingly the choice for most business owners. We know that the reasons behind each of these decisions will vary, but from previous collaborations with Software Advice we know that the two most common reasons for making the switch to VoIP are for the cost and feature advantages it has over a legacy, on-premises PBX. This growth in adoption of VoIP really comes as little surprise as we’ve been seeing more and more companies decide to stop overpaying for technology that is cumbersome and outdated. Interestingly, though, once companies begin to get larger, there is a leveling-off of the choices between on-site and hosted PBX systems.

We believe that this is primarily due to a misconception that VoIP is only for smaller organizations on a tight budget, when in fact hosted systems like the VirtualPBX Office Plan is designed specifically for the most robust and demanding enterprise organizations in mind. We believe that, just as we’ve seen with younger, more modern companies, as larger teams begin to educate themselves on the actual capacities of a hosted system, they too will make the adoption of VoIP part of their path to success, as well. This is further supported by the fact that a full-blown unified communications system likely exceeds the needs of smaller organizations as evidenced by their relatively lower adoption among the smallest of respondents.

Your Own Adoption of VoIP is Just a Click Away

No matter where you live, adoption of VoIP is the fastest way to add lightning fast, unwaveringly reliable, and crustal clear telephone service to your business for pennies son the dollar over what it costs for a hardline connection. Also, the added benefits of mobility, customization, and the flexibility to change your system as your business grows makes a hosted communications strategy a win for almost any company. Furthermore, for those businesses in rural or less densely populated areas, acting quickly to adopt a hosted platform will surely be the best way to stay ahead of your competitors for the foreseeable future. So why wait?

Get in touch with one of our expert telephony consultants today and begin getting the most out of your communications. Until then, be sure to keep an eye on the latest research from the technology reviewers at Software Advice, and to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more updates.

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