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Protect ya Neck – My, What Large Blueteeth You Have!

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Protect ya Neck – My, What Large Blueteeth You Have!

In this series of blogs we examine all topics under the information security umbrella. From corporate blunders to rogue state attacks to the occasional celebrity hack, we believe there is something for businesses and individuals to learn from any cyber security event. We also believe that, while experience is the best teacher, it’s even better to let other people make the mistakes for you.

Little Red Riding HoodYou may have seen on our Twitter feed the article from WIRED about the latest update to iOS and how it is going to protect you by correcting a vulnerability through your device’s Bluetooth connections. What? You don’t follow us on Twitter? You should probably correct that first, and then proceed to the body of this post. The long and the short of it is that hackers can access your devices and be inside them via Bluetooth connection even without accepting the “pairing” to an unknown device. Seeing a foreign device or network on your phone that can threaten your security absent any interaction with it is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hackers Upgrade, Too

It’s not terribly unheard of to note that PC users are less likely to run the most current operating systems on their machines than their Apple product counterparts. There are some conclusions that can be drawn from that information but mostly it’s due to Apple’s cessation of support (and therefore, their app developers as well) for earlier software once new versions are available. Either way, updating your OS is far more than a ticket to a new default screensaver. Proper update practices can be the difference between becoming the victim of a cyber security breach and never being targeted in the first place. This is because, just like you want to have the slickest, fastest, sharpest-looking version of your favorite programs, hackers want to have the most effective means to penetrate your defenses too.

The relationship between developers and hackers is entirely akin to a cat and mouse game set to the theme song of The Bennie Hill Show. There is a race going on each day to outsmart defenses and anticipate attacks, and if you’re not using the latest versions of your device’s operating system then you are behind the pack, and if you’ve ever watched a nature documentary, you know that being on the edge of the pack is never a good thing.

Stay Ahead of the Crowd

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- your password strength matters. A lot. It’s unfortunate to realize how many people see the most important attribute for a password to be that be easy to remember. False. Categorically false. To be sure, though, here’s a little checklist for you to consider when examining your current security protocol-

  • Use your password like it was meant to be used and create a first line of defense against malicious attempts to access your information.
  • The next thing you should consider is not ignoring the various updates in your digital world until the point where your software is rendered inoperably obsolete.
  • And finally, remember that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are a hacker’s easiest way into your information. Not sure if a network is safe? The Public part of Public Wi-Fi Network should tip you off.

That’s about it from us for this time around, but as sure as the sun will set in the west, we’ll invariably have more security blunders, breaches, or ballyhoos to talk about again before you know it.

Stay safe out there and remember to Protect ya Neck!

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