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Infographic – Why Agents Should Use VoIP for Real Estate

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Infographic – Why Agents Should Use VoIP for Real Estate

Agents Should Use VoIP for Real Estate, Plain and Simple

But of course, it’s also a good idea to back these type of claims up with some evidence. The fact is that a hosted phone system powered by VoIP is ideal for real estate organizations for a lot of reasons. Contracts are an essential part of getting business done for real estate firms and agents can send and receive them from the palm of their hands through VoIP for real estate’s ability to convert email to fax. Additionally, because real estate agents are often out on the road showing properties, having calls received and routed by an Auto Attendant makes sure calls are never missed and customers always feel heard. Plus, a hosted business phone system is exponentially more affordable than any legacy, on-site phone system. Plainly, simply, and undeniably, VoIP for real estate is one of the best business decisions any agent can make!


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