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Partner Blog Series Infographic – Are Three Day Weekends Better?

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Partner Blog Series Infographic – Are Three Day Weekends Better?

For our Partner Blog Series we like to highlight the relationships we have with our peers and business partners from across all areas of the telecommunications industry. We know that when it comes to relationships, the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts. That’s why we want to share with you the wisdom, experience, and perspective of the companies we work with.

For this edition of the Partner Blog Series, we’ve called on InvestmentZen, pioneers in new and clever ways to manage your money. They make a surprisingly salient argument for a point I’ve been trying to hammer home for a long time, specifically that we need longer weekends!

40 hour work weeks are a thing of the past. Recent research shows that only 50% of all full-time employees work 40 hours or less. Nearly 20% work more than 60 hours per week. While this has a noticeable impact on our paychecks, it’s not the best approach for long-term success for both the employer and employee.

One of the of the dangers of overworking are the increased risks of several health issues. Stroke risks rise 33% while the risk for type 2 diabetes rises an astonishing 112%. Mental health problems also increase as the work hours do. Depression and anxiety risks double in the overworked.

The argument for more time off is certainly strong for employees but how do employers fare? Most employees can only remain focused and stay focused for about five hours a day. The rest of the time is spent daydreaming, checking email and Facebook, and even the occasional nap. With a shorter workweek, companies lowered time off from absence and PTO.

Companies around the world have already begun to implement the change. Companies like 37 Signals and Treehouse have reported more productive work weeks since adopting three day weekends. KFC Japan has also used this as an incentive to bring back former employees. Since implementing three day weekends, they were able to convince 20% of their former employees that were also stay-at-home moms to come back to work.

While employees working the shorter workweeks may have to focus harder on saving money and budgeting, the benefits far outweigh the downfalls. Ready to convince your boss three day weekends are the way to go? Three day weekends can benefit both you and your employer. Show them this infographic and get ready to start enjoying life a little more.

Three Day Weekends Infographic

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