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Death of Traditional Telephony marks the Rise of Hosted VoIP

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Death of Traditional Telephony marks the Rise of Hosted VoIP

Pay your last respects to traditional telephony because hosted VoIP is on track to becoming the dominant form of voice communication. For businesses, VoIP offers a better quality service that costs less than traditional phone lines, yet offers opportunities to customize, which means it won’t be long before plain old telephone services kick the bucket.

Here are just a few reasons that prove why hosted VoIP is on the fast-track to replacing landline communications entirely:

Lower Entry Cost

VoIP phones allow businesses to save anywhere from 40 to 80 percent on monthly phone costs. Some VoIP service providers even offer free phones, allowing you to save even more on startup costs.

Simple Setup

As long as you choose a well-known and top-rated VoIP provider, you can relax knowing that the setup will be easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is add your phones and simply plug them into your Internet connection. They are usually pre-configured to be ready for use as soon as they’re connected.

Improved Features

Another key reason why businesses are switching to hosted VoIP is the variety of its added features, which include professional greetings, music on hold, custom auto-attendant, virtual fax, TrueACD queuing, call recording, conferencing and more.

Taking into consideration the cost savings, easy setup and multitude of features, it’s no wonder that Infonetics Research predicted that business and residential VoIP services combined will grow to be worth $74.5 billion in 2015. Clearly, it’s time to bid adieu to traditional telephony and embrace a world of possibilities with hosted VoIP.

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