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Build Momentum by Breaking Things – Sometimes.


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Build Momentum by Breaking Things – Sometimes.

Build MomentumLast week, we announced a new integration with Microsoft Teams, a feature customers have requested to maintain focus, improve their productivity and meet the evolving business needs.

To evolve your business, products, or team’s work environment, you must be open to change and even breaking things.

When I say break things, I mean, open your mind to different ways of achieving the same goal or outcome, but in better and more optimal ways.

How We Built Momentum with Trello and AirTable

One of many examples from VirtualPBX, our team used Trello for years, and then a company-wide project came along that was challenging to manage in our existing system. We used this challenge as an opportunity to try something new, and in this case, it was Airtable – an extremely versatile and easy-to-use online collaboration tool. We designed the process to manage the project, leveraging our experience with Trello to ensure it was easy for team members to transition between tasks.

As we experienced the new process, we identified ways of improving older processes or breaking bad habits that had grown around using the previous tools.

Also, as our team experienced the improvements that came with our implementation and use of Airtable, different groups chose to migrate their processes into the new tool.

We encourage this type of transformation across the company. Team leaders, members, and customers provide the best insights into the effectiveness of our processes and tools.

The evolution of remote and hybrid work environments requires companies to adapt to deliver the best service and attract the best talent.

Encouraging this type of positive breakage prevents the stagnation of your business and your products and helps build momentum.

This principle is driving work on some of the most exciting changes in VirtualPBX’s history. All are coming from being willing to break things, often our habits and preconceptions.

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