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VoIP Texting Customers and Teams With the VirtualPBX Softphone

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VoIP Texting Customers and Teams With the VirtualPBX Softphone

VoIP Texting Example on the VirtualPBX SoftphoneSelect VirtualPBX Phone Plans now have the ability to send text messages through our new Business SMS feature and use of the mobile and desktop VirtualPBX Softphone.

One of the most important capabilities we can note about Business SMS is that it can be used externally to contact customers and internally to keep your team connected. Use cases for your organization will fall into one camp or the other, and by preparing your staff with the VirtualPBX Softphone, either style of use can be made easy from the start.

Reaching Out and Responding to Customers

Consider that your business has a sales team that wants reach out to a subset of your existing customers by sending them direct SMS messages. How would you use the VirtualPBX Softphone on your desktops to send your promotions or brand updates?

An Office With Desktop Softphones

Our Softphone App runs on multiple desktop environments, including Mac and Windows 8 and 10. Businesses that wish to manage a large SMS campaign can do so easily without modifying their existing hardware.

VirtuallPBX Desktop Softphone SMS Example

An install of the VirtualPBX Softphone can be completed for one or multiple computers. Therefore, no matter the size of your team, you can have each of their desktops run a softphone that’s capable of handling calls and SMS texts throughout the workday.

This type of situation would lead to relationships being built between individual team members and the customers they have contacted. It’s no different than what your employees would experience when completing phone calls because VoIP texting works fundamentally the same as voice calls.

All VoIP texting that’s handled inside your Advanced or Enterprise Plan takes the same route as your voice calls and video calls. Texting on these plans is unlimited, so your team can reach out and respond to as many contacts as they have.

Keeping Your Team Connected With Texts

The unlimited sending of individual SMS messages extends to internal communications between your team members. VoIP texting isn’t limited to chats between you and your leads; it’s also a helpful way of allowing remote teams to stay in touch. Consider what use of the VirtualPBX Softphone for mobile devices would look like for your distributed workforce.

Working From Home, Connected Through Mobile Softphones

VirtualPBX Softphone SMS ExampleOur Softphone App operates on a number of platforms in the mobile world, too. We have downloads in the Google Play Store for Android and in the App Store for iOS devices. All your employees with personal or company smartphones can download their appropriate apps for free and log in with their existing VirtualPBX credentials.

This ease of distribution and use can have your entire staff connected to each other within minutes. With SMS messages, your employees and management can freely connect with one another throughout the day:

  • Complete daily check-ins to team leads
  • Announce wins of new clients
  • Reach co-workers for help with a task
  • Send quick status updates like “Heads down in outreach” or “Lunchtime!”

VoIP texting allows you business to gain the benefit of immediate outreach within the organization. SMS messages are great for letting people keep in touch without worrying about the recipient’s current status, so you can send messages at any time and know that, when your boss or co-worker is able, they will see what you’ve sent.

In times when your conversations are active, text messages can also provide an unobtrusive way of asking for information like a contact’s phone number or getting reminders about an upcoming meeting. VoIP texting has all the benefits we know from using texts in our personal lives. Now your business’s private phone network can realize those same gains.

How Will You Use VoIP Texting?

By no means is it necessary to limit your business to only using Business SMS within or outside of your company. However, how you reach out to customers and how your team members keep in touch will be unique.

Your number of employees, customer base, existing outreach campaigns, and many other factors will all shape how you use VoIP texting each day. Want to see it in action before you commit? Start a conversation with our sales team and sign up for a Free Demo.

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