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Margin for Error – How Dash Solves Your Commute

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Margin for Error – How Dash Solves Your Commute

Margin for Error on a CommuteBusiness has always been a place for some close calls and narrow margins for success, but since the advent of the mobile web, the pace of business has only increased, while the margins are getting slimmer. With such a decrease in the standard margin for error in what seems like every aspect of business operations, it’s wise to find ways to mitigate risk at any possible opportunity. No margin for error is riper for widening quite like the hours workers spend commuting each week.

Giving Back on the Ground

No matter how it is that you commute, there will inevitably be delays that are outside of your control. Trains, ferries, cars, buses, and I’m sure even the rare few helicopter commuters in places like New York City or Rio de Janeiro all face their unique complications from time to time. For each one of these commuters who experiences a delay, there is also a unique set of challenges that is created at work, too. This isn’t ever the case, though, for employees who have access to advanced telecommunications systems like Dash from VirtualPBX.

Unlimited Freedom to Work

With the award-winning interface of Dash and the ubiquity of the mobile web, virtually any employee can access their entire business communications network from almost anywhere in the world. Furthermore, with nearly universal device compatibility, there aren’t any limitations on what hardware they use to do it. That’s a lot of options, of course, but it’s also just the beginning. Between these options and the power-packed features built for the largest enterprises and configured to fit even the needs of a company of one, Dash gives employees the flexibility to overcome a lot more than a simple traffic jam. For example, Follow Me Calling is the best way to forward your calls without ever having to know where you’ll be or to what device you’ll be on because it can be programmed to ring all of them at once or literally follow you through a preset sequence of numbers. Additionally, Auto Attendant allows you to have a tireless presence to professionally greet your callers and get them to where they need to go, whether you’ve made it into the office or not!

Getting Started is Easy

If you’ve decided that you want to add a little buffer room into your life to increase your margin for error, or at least your margin for scheduling, then you’re ready to take the steps necessary to get on Dash. Fortunately, there aren’t that many! Start by taking your own, personalized, free private tour of the VirtualPBX platform and decide what your ideal hosted PBX system looks like. Until then feel free to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more tips on how to shave time out of your commute and increase your margin for error.

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