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VirtualPBX Makes Teleconferencing Easy

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VirtualPBX Makes Teleconferencing Easy

You’re in Sydney. Your sales reps are in New York. Your marketing team is in London. Time is money and you need to speak to your teams ASAP. Traveling arrangements aside, there’s really only one efficient way to get your teams together and all on the same page – teleconferencing!

With a VirtualPBX teleconferencing system, setting up and hosting a conference call is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Arrange the time and let the teams know
  2. Have your teams call your VirtualPBX number and enter the conference bridge
  3. Log in as the moderator and host your conference

No long PINs or Access Codes to remember or give out. No special conferencing number needed. Teleconferencing made nice and easy. But wait! There’s more! With, you can have numbers in Sydney, New York and London ALL accessing the same VirtualPBX system. The calls are local calls for your teams, with no need for them to expense their long distance calls. And don’t forget, they can call from ANY phone – they don’t need to be at a computer to make those cheap PC calls. It’s a local call to them.

But takes it a step further by going beyond the basic features of an audio conference:

  • Each extension in your system can host their own conference call
  • You can password protect the conference with a self-specified PIN
  • It’s easy to monitor conference activity using our web console, seeing who’s hosting and the caller ID of the participants
  • Full conferencing logs are available, summarizing call times and duration

If you’re looking for audio conferencing AND a hosted PBX, your quest is now complete. delivers both, complete with quality and reliability.

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