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In this feature spotlight we’re discussing how SelectRoute can take your telephone system to the next level. Have you ever wanted to route inbound phone calls based on a caller’s zip code? Or how about the customer number? Maybe even some other custom input? If your callers can enter it on a telephone keypad, virtual PBX can route the call to anywhere in your system based on that input. Welcome to SelectRoute™.

VirtualPBX’s SelectRoute feature spotlight focuses on how you can route your callers based on input that you define. For example, if you have your sales people divided into regions, you could use SelectRoute to send your callers to the appropriate agents based on a zip code they enter. You can even have a custom greeting such as “For the sales agent nearest you, please enter your 5-digit zip code now”. Your caller enters their zip code, and your VirtualPBX system will route them to the appropriate extension or queue. It’s that easy.

With the online management console for SelectRoute, you can update the routings as needed, as often as you’d like. There are plenty of standard and unique ways you can use SelectRoute to send your callers to the correct people, easily and efficiently. For more information, please contact our Support team.

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