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Business Process Analysis for Your Remote Team – E-Book Chapter 5

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Business Process Analysis for Your Remote Team – E-Book Chapter 5

VirtualPBX Remote Team Management E-Book CoverYour business and its remote workers can benefit greatly from the use of business process analysis. Chapter 5 of our new e-book, Managing Remote Teams helps you understand the process of examining your business processes, turning them into blueprints, and using those as a guide for future company tasks.

The lessons learned in our e-book this chapter can apply to generalized business tasks as well as specific departments, like sales or customer service. Your successes will become evident so you can apply them as needed in similar situations throughout your calendar year.

Examine Your Current Results

When creating a blueprint during business process analysis, the big questions you will need to ask include:

  • Are my current processes being used?
  • Are those processes working?
  • Where do we see success?
  • Where are we struggling?

These questions are answerable when you consider the fine-grained elements of how your business operates. For instance, when looking at your daily sales workflows, you can learn a great deal about their effectiveness by using tools like Advanced Call Reports to see your progress.

Chapter 5 of Managing Remote Teams digs deeper into methods you can use to get a full picture of how well your business is operating.

Be Measurable and Transparent

Managing Remote Teams E-Book Chapter 5 Graphic of People Sitting in Front of a WhiteboardDuring business process analysis, you may find that some aspects of your operations aren’t measurable. This may be inevitable, but it also needs to change if you want to build blueprints for your future.

If you were to ask how past hiring of remote team members has taken place, you will need to find information about the number of people you interviewed, the subset of candidates who were competitors for the job, and the performance of the person you hired since their first days on the job.

Were those elements documented? If you can’t find them anywhere, it’s possible that remote worker hiring is more of a policy than a process.

We dig into the difference between policy and process in this e-book chapter. When you think more about how your business is being measured or can be measured, you can more effectively work successfully from any location.

Managing Remote Teams E-Book Chapter 5 Graphic of Pullquote

Effective Business Process Analysis

Managing Remote Teams Chapter 5 gives you 10 steps to follow when creating a business blueprint.

These steps help you focus your business process analysis into steps that can be written down and copied on demand. Consider that you will need to complete these tasks and more:

  1. Create an inventory of your processes
  2. Develop boundaries that give your blueprints scope
  3. Estimate time and costs for future work

The hard work here will pay off in future weeks and months. Business blueprints can lead your company toward repeatable processes that work. No more guessing about how to keep your remote team functioning as it should.

You can read more and gain insight about these topics by downloading our e-book today. And don’t forget to listen to VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker speak to the hosts of TechTime Radio on March 27th, 4 p.m. Pacific, about the future of our company an all the great new features we have planned.

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