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Outlast Your Coworkers in Video Conference Survivor

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Outlast Your Coworkers in Video Conference Survivor

VirtualPBX Video Conference Survivor LogoTry something new in your company meetings! Keep the production and efficiency high and your meetings short with our new Video Conference Survivor feature.

You can vote your colleagues out of a meeting for any reason you want:

  • It’s nothing personal, but maybe that speech has lasted a little too long. Vote them off!
  • We really need to get started, so that story about your bearded dragon has to end right now. Vote them off!

Or give a thumbs up to anyone who’s doing a great job:

  • Your presentation was only five minutes long. Thumbs up!
  • That’s a great bowtie you’re wearing; very professional. Thumbs up!

Video Conference Survivor is offered exclusively at VirtualPBX, so don’t waste time in another meeting without it.

How Video Conference Survivor Works

The concept is simple. During a video conference, you click or hover over the person you want to vote for. The Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons will appear. Then you make your judgment.

Click or tap Thumbs Up to let them know they’re doing everything you expect of a model video conference participant.

Or repeatedly press Thumbs Down to kick them out of the meeting.

Behind the scenes, the Video Conference Survivor feature calculates how many votes a person received and how quickly they received them. Then the participant is either send a nice virtual “Congratulations for being a great employee” message or are booted from the meeting.

VirtualPBX Video Conference Survivor Meeting Screenshot

Settings You Can Adjust

We’re not partial to how you want to use Video Conference Survivor at your company. That’s why we’ve provided you with a number of settings you can adjust when using the feature.

  • Vote Multiple Times: Upvote or downvote a colleage multiple times in a meeting
  • Multiple Vote Reset: How quickly your upvotes or downvotes reset (e.g. you can vote twice a minute)
  • Upvote/Downvote Threshold: The number of votes, or the number of participants necessary to send a nice message or kick your colleague from the meeting
  • Downvote Strength: Choose whether a colleague kicked out of a meeting can return, and in which time period (e.g. they’re booted for five minutes or 24 hours)

Keep Track of High and Low Performers

VirtualPBX Video Conference Survivor Call Report SetupMaybe the best part about Video Conferencing Survivor is that you can track the performance of your entire team through our Advanced Call Reports tool.

We’ve updated our Reports selection to give you immediate access to “Video Conferencing Survivor Reports” that provide you with options to see overall colleague performance, upvotes, downvotes, and engagement metrics to use during your next employee training or morale meeting.

Just don’t be too harsh about morale. You don’t want to end up booted from the conference.

Start Voting Today

Our new Video Conference Survivor feature is available today.

It works on our desktop and mobile softphones to let everyone participate. It’s great for remote teams and perfect for those meetings that drag on and on and on.

Give it a try during your next department wrap-up or company information session. We know you’ll be happy with the results.

*Video Conference Survivor not actually available on VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans. April Fools! If you’d like to try our Video Conferencing feature for real, you can get in touch with our team or get started with an Unlimited Minutes Plan.

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