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“Unbelievable VoIP Products!” Coming Clean for April Fool’s Day

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“Unbelievable VoIP Products!” Coming Clean for April Fool’s Day

unbelievable voip april fools dayWell, that was a fun weekend, wasn’t it? If you haven’t yet seen them, over the weekend we release five, brand-new VoIP Hardware Products that were, if nothing else, truly unbelievable. Truly. Because they were all, of course, totally and completely made up. It was just another bit of fun from our team that has made a habit of having a bit of fun at our own expense. These products below, though, represent an investment in tomfoolery and shenanigans that is even a big step for us. Which is really saying a lot, frankly.

Really, REALLY Unbelievable

Of course, we never expected anyone would for a second believe that we would begin selling paper airplanes or cans and string, but we did generate some buzz about the release that gained some positive traction beforehand. With some of the fun coverage we gained, we were excited to see our joke was going to have an audience, but we were also a bit anxious because ever since we launched a public Product Roadmap, we’ve had an increase in customer participation with product development. Not wanting to chill that enthusiasm that some of our customers have for our product release timeline, we were careful to contact everyone who signed-up for the “unbelievable news” shortly after to thank them for their good sportsmanship. Fortunately, all of the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and that’s what this was really all about.

Changing the VoIP Game, Again

We’ve been operating on the cutting edge of hosted telephony for business for basically as long as it has been available, and that’s where we like it. Recently, though, finding game-changing advances in technology have been as much about new technology as it has been about finding better ways to interact with it. Certainly, an advanced UI/UX for our award-winning Dash Plans was one of the most disruptive, and entirely necessary, advances telecom has seen in years. This is the same creativity that we wanted to lean on for our April Fool’s Day fun this weekend. Because as long as communications will become more accessible for all employees and not just for the IT engineering community that we partner so closely with, we’re going to work to increase our appeal to larger groups of people. And plus, who doesn’t like a little April Fool’s Day fun, right?

So what do you think? Did we do it right? Do you like our prank or were you disappointed that you couldn’t buy a righteous Plinko board? Let us know by sharing your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll be sure to take it seriously. Seriously.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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