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July is VirtualPBX Anniversary Month And We’re Turning 20!

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July is VirtualPBX Anniversary Month And We’re Turning 20!

20th Anniversary Month

Let me take you back to a time when wide ties and shoulder pads were high fashion for men and Seinfeld still hadn’t aired its final season. The year was 1997, the place was San Francisco, and the man was none other than our founder, Stephen Lange. With a little imagination, a dash of inspiration, and one heck of a lot of hard work and ingenuity, Steve’s small band of telecom misfits set into motion the series of events that has created the VirtualPBX you know and (hopefully) love. Seeing as how the concept of a hosted business telephone service hadn’t even been attempted in 1997, to say that Steve was ahead of the curve is an understatement. As a result, the road has not been without it’s twists and turns along the way. But as you’ll see in the coming weeks as we unveil all of our Anniversary Month festivities, through perseverance and with the help of some key partnerships with other visionaries, Steve was able to build something that now hundreds of thousands of employees all over the world rely on to conduct business. We are VirtualPBX, and welcome to our story!

Enough to Fill More Than One Anniversary Month

In Silicon Valley, it feels sometimes that time moves at a greater pace, but the same can be said for many different places as well. That’s even more fuel to the fire of my point that, because our headquarters is in San Jose, and we have satellite offices or remote employees in virtually all of the big tech hubs across the world, it really does feel like time for us is measured in dog years. That said, looking back to our founding year, 1997, still revealed some incredible haircuts and personal fashion statements and we couldn’t resist collecting the employee photos to prove it. Check out our slideshow here for a glimpse – maybe it will spark some memories for you too!

Celebrate with us by Saving 20% on Dash!

We’re so excited to have reached this landmark that we couldn’t just leave the party to one day – we will be breaking down our birthday celebrations across the entire month of July and highlighting it with an unprecedented 20% off on all Dash Plans, add-ons, and phones in signup! If you’ve been waiting to test our latest, award-winning business phone system platform, act now! On Thursday, July 26th at midnight, 12:00 AM PST, the deal will be over. Consider this the unveiling of the wildest telecom bash you’ve ever heard of, and it’ll go all month long! Of course, we would be nowhere without a healthy dose of self-awareness, so take the term, “wildest telecom bash,” with a heavy portion of salt, and bear with us as we take you through a timeline of our company, and who knows? Maybe there will be some extra fun and prizes, too! The only way to find out, though, is to stay tuned during our Anniversary Month here and on our social channels, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Until the next time, however, enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage and help us get the celebration started!

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