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Why VoIP Will Dominate the Future of P2P Marketing

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Why VoIP Will Dominate the Future of P2P Marketing

Why VoIP Will Dominate The Future of P2P MarketingI recently returned from Social Media Marketing World 2017 in sunny San Diego, California. All the fresh Pacific air got me thinking about why VoIP will dominate the future of P2P marketing.

P2P Marketing is Rising to the Top

P2P (Person-to-Person) marketing is a practice which focuses on creating meaningful interactions. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it’s about connecting 1-on-1 with your prospects, customers, and communities. Marketers are seeing a transformation occur right before our eyes — B2B and B2C marketing is being broken down into a melting pot of human interaction — where marketers are leaving behind their respective mass approach strategies for a more personal approach.

What is VoIP? Why is it the Future of P2P Marketing?

In a nutshell, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology allows people to make phone calls over the internet. In a world that is becoming more connected daily through the internet, VoIP calling is becoming the go-to way for businesses to seamlessly connect their products and services with willing buyers all over the globe.

  • Connect to People who are Ready to Buy – Imagine if “Small-Business Bob” could dial an extension at your business and be directed to the right person or department who could help him instantly. With a cloud-based telephone system, you can customize exactly how Bob interacts with your business based on his intent.
  • Cutting Through All The Noise of Social Ads – Advertising on social media is great for likes, comments, and shares, but the real conversions happen when you connect with your prospects on a deeper level. Connecting with people via phone is an excellent way to separate your brand from the competition on social media with meaningful interaction.
  • Traditional Ads are Running out of Real Estate – If you are banking on running inexpensive Facebook Ads you may be disappointed by your Reach and CPC data in the near future. Marketers are going to have to pivot their strategy away from traditional ads and focus on creating meaningful P2P interactions with their audiences for true conversions.
  • Time is Money – Whether it’s a prospect or an existing customer looking for help, customers in 2017 want instant access to qualified support. People don’t want to sit for hours in a ticket queue. If your business is not offering timely support, your customers will seek out a competitor of yours that does.
  • Personalized Communication – People want to speak with other people, not brands or robots. VoIP calling is a more effective way to build personal connection while communicating complex products, services, and support. By using a P2P approach to explaining your products and services, you can better identify the best solution for a that particular customer’s needs instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

People Want Emoji Heart-Shaped Eyes

Mass customer communications as a form of marketing is going out of style. In order to succeed in 2017 and beyond, businesses will need to employ a VoIP Business Phone System to establish a more personal approach to sales, marketing, and customer retention. Unlike businesses, People have emotions, preferences, and hobbies that play an integral role in their purchasing behavior. Establishing a P2P approach to marketing is the key to winning over customers.

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