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Why Use VoIP for Business?

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Why Use VoIP for Business?

why use VoIP for businessBy now you should have heard about people and companies using VoIP for business. Certainly, if you’re reading this and it’s new to you, then I have really not been doing my job! But joking aside, 70% of businesses are expected to transition to a hosted telephone system in the next two years , there are still those who are on the fence. And that’s okay, because it raises this question, and provides and opportunity for us to discuss why you should use VoIP for business.

You Play to Win The Game

Football fans may recognize this as the quote made famous by then New York Jets coach, Herm Edwards, following a devastating loss. Bot for businesses that have already converted to a hosted telephone option, it likely makes them smile. Business is, of course, competitive, and for industries with higher degrees of competition, it may actually be a zero sum game in that winning one sale means that sale is lost for all others. This narrow margin for error makes operational discipline more important than ever before, and a hosted telephone system saves upwards of 80% over a traditional telephone system. Those types of bottom line impacts are tough to turn up, and just one of the reasons why you should use VoIP for business.

Work The Way You Live

Gone are the halcyon days of the predictable 9-5, two cars in the garage, and owning one home right out of school for rest of your life. Sure, those are a lot of competing topics in there, but the point is that the very nature of our daily lives, from work to play, has changed to irrevocably. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but rather it means that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to overlay a traditional understanding of work on top of a modern life. VoIP plans with features like Follow Me Calling and nearly universal device compatibility enable employees to be connected to work when they need to be, even when they have to be working from home or on the road. The ability of fitting your work into your life, and not the other way around, is another reason why you should use VoIP for business.

Get More From Your Effort

The old adage of working smarter not harder has never been more easily executed in a real life scenario than it is with VoIP. If you’re recruiting for a technically skilled position and aren’t finding the right fit or can’t afford the talent in your area, VoIP systems allow for seamless work between distributed teams. Additionally, you can duplicate your efforts during growth periods using VoIP in a very similar way. Because the nature of VoIP requires no cumbersome, expensive, on-site hardware to maintain, changes can be made to it in a flash. Specifically, adding local, toll-free, or international telephone numbers to your phone system can immediately multiply your audiences as far as you’re ready to take them. Making the world a much smaller place is one of the best impacts that technology has had in our lives, and a powerful reason why you should use VoIP for business.

Looking for More Info on VoIP for Business?

Look no further! There is a cadre of resources available for you while you consider the best office telephone system options for your business. Comparing traditional telephone systems and hosted VoIP systems is easy with this comprehensive PBX comparison. Plus, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll receive a steady stream of the latest updates on telecom, technology, and business communications in general. Have a question we haven’t answered yet? No problem! Just reach out on either of those platforms or contact our live and local Support Team for more and we’d be happy to help.

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