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Connecting MDGI's Dispersed Workforce

When Scott Mullins started his boutique email marketing firm, MDGI, he had needs that were unlike those of many of his competitors. To build the most capable and competitive firm around, Mullins had to retain talent that wasn’t, well, around. As a result, his team grew to members across the country and a dispersed workforce was born. Working with the best and brightest in his field was a no-brainer, but when Mullins sought out to find a reasonably-priced way to connect his team over the phone, his options began to run thin.

The Challenge

Like any new business, the impact of opening strong was going to dictate much of the success that MDGI would experience. Establishing and building a foundation of clients required that hiring for the strongest talent, not the closest proximities, be as big of an asset as possible. Unfortunately, many of the options that Mullins experimented with before discovering VirtualPBX either required huge, bulky equipment to be installed or were unreliable and disrupted the client calls MDGI relied on. Plus, both options were equally expensive and neither was ultimately worth the trouble.

“The phone system is seamless. The tech you’re using shouldn’t be a comment on a call,” said Scott Mullins, MDGI President. “With others the tech gets in the way and there are a lot of excuses, with VirtualPBX it just works.”

Making the Impossible, Possible

After MDGI partnered with VirtualPBX, all of the company’s operations in six different cities across the United States were able to present a unified, professional appearance to match the caliber of their marketing services. By leveraging the VirtualPBX Conference Bridge, the MDGI team can quickly ring to any employee on the network, and through the nearly limitless advanced routing features available through VirtualPBX, callers use a single toll-free number to access the entire company. Because the system is hosted in the cloud, all of the team members can also travel and move with absolutely zero limitations to their connectivity as long as they have an internet or cellular data connection. Plus, all of this was made available to MDGI for pennies on the dollar of the cost of some of the other options he experimented with.

The Tools of the Trade

Finding a system that connects all of the MDGI employees to each other was just the beginning of the total solution. While the MDGI employees are able to forward calls to and from virtually any telephone number or device in the world, they still needed to have a specific set up in their primary satellite offices. For MDGI, Mullins and VirtualPBX Customer Success Agents decided on the Yealink T48P VoIP phone. Mullins needed to choose a phone that his employees would be as comfortable with as they are with their own mobile phones. VirtualPBX’s Customer Success Agents worked with Mullins to take the guesswork out of the decision. With a thoroughly vetted, curated list of top third-party phones and the tireless assistance of VirtualPBX Customer Support, MDGI had no problems transitioning to their new VoIP network from start to finish.

Two Birds, One Stone

VirtualPBX solved the connection quality issues Mullins had with other services and the equipment purchasing burdens of a wired option weren’t a concern anymore, either. Additionally, MDGI’s service commitment with VirtualPBX comes at a fraction of the cost of what he would have paid elsewhere. Furthermore, when one of his employees had connection issues that stemmed from their purchase of an in-home router with a sub-optimal configuration, Mullins could rely on the VirtualPBX Customer Support to walk though the issue end-to-end.

Considering the small fortune of savings over the past decade that MDGI has enjoyed in addition to the unwavering commitment to service that VirtualPBX has shown his company, Mullins doesn’t anticipate a change in service providers no matter what happens.

“If I had all the money in the world, I would still choose VirtualPBX,” added Mullins.

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