Save Money on Business Phone Services

A truly great business phone system will have outstanding features and be easy to install and use, but it also needs to be affordable. That’s the best thing about using VirtualPBX is that most companies will save between 40% and 80% on monthly phone costs! Stop overpaying for phone service. Cut the cord to the phone company and save money with a low cost VoIP business phone system. Here’s how:

Save Money with Business VoIP

  • Save 40% to 80% on your company’s monthly phone bill
  • No PBX hardware to buy or maintain
  • Choose between VoIP desk or conference phones, use your own phone, or both!
  • No charge for long distance calls anywhere in the continental US and Canada
  • You don’t need a separate fax line – or even a fax machine!
  • We offer two ways to pay: flat-rate plans with unlimited free minutes, and usage-based plans that will save money for low-use applications

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Save Money Up-Front on Equipment and Support

Traditional business phone service means buying and maintaining expensive PBX switching hardware. Including the equipment, wiring, phones, and installation, a PBX switch usually runs between $500 and $2,000 per user. With VirtualPBX not only do you not need one, but you don’t even need to know what one is. Instead, you just use your phone like always, and share millions of dollars’ worth of high-end hardware for a low monthly cost. We do the maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements – for FREE. Why spend thousands of dollars up-front for PBX equipment, when, with VirtualPBX, you save money and get:

  • No cost for VoIP PBX hardware or software
  • No maintenance or support fees
  • No upgrade or enhancement costs
  • A system that can grow with your company, regardless of size

Full Service at Lower Cost

Low cost phone service doesn’t have to mean “cheap” or “low-end.” VirtualPBX created the first virtual phone service, and we’ve been adding to the capabilities and features ever since. We include features that no one else in the hosted VoIP market offers and give you a true corporate-level phone system for as little as pennies a day. Our system includes:

  • The deepest, richest feature set in the industry
  • Easy, straight-forward browser-based management
  • Real-time monitors and system reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unrivaled quality and reliability

Many companies say you can get more for less. As a top VoIP provider it happens to be true whether you use our VoIP phone service or just have us route calls to your existing phones. Don’t settle for less than the best, especially when the best is more affordable.

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