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Save Money And Make Your Business Better

A truly great business phone system will have outstanding features and be easy to install and use, but it also needs to be affordable. With VirtualPBX most companies will save between 40% and 80% on monthly phone costs compared to traditional phone companies! Here’s how you save with VoIP:

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.

Save Money Up-Front on Equipment and Support

Traditional business phone service means buying and maintaining expensive PBX switching hardware. Including the equipment, wiring, phones, and installation, a PBX switch usually runs between $500 and $2,000 per user. With VirtualPBX not only do you not need one, but you don’t even need to know what one is. Instead, you just use your phone like always, and share millions of dollars’ worth of high-end hardware for a low monthly cost. We do the maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements – for FREE. Why spend thousands of dollars up-front for PBX equipment, when, with VirtualPBX, you save money and get:

  • 24/7 support to all customers 
  • No hardware maintenance or support fees
  • No hardware upgrade or enhancement costs
  • A system that can grow with your company, regardless of size
2024 Product of the Year Award

Full Service at a Lower Cost

Low cost phone service doesn’t have to mean “cheap” or “low-end.” Our system includes:

  • A deep feature set and customizable call routing
  • Easy, straight-forward browser-based management
  • Real-time monitors and system reports
  • Unrivaled quality and reliability
  • The best customer support in the industry for over 20 years

Many companies say you can get more for less. As a top VoIP provider it happens to be true whether you use our VoIP phone service or just have us route calls to your existing phones. Don’t settle for less than the best, especially when the best is more affordable.

"Technology no small business should be without!" "[VirtualPBX] literally allows me to run my business anywhere my cell phone works! 24 hour availability has allowed our business to grow to almost 20% each year. Being accessible to our clients has benefited them and their overall experience. Dan O. | Sales and Marketing

"Amazing customer service" "The customer service I received was excellent. The person I spoke to was able to quickly identify the problem and help me solve it." Venu P. | Manager, IT

"Manage your phone system with ease!" "I can't say enough about this tool! So easy to set up your ACD Queues Pro and decide what phone is being recorded or not." Cory L. | Sr. IT Business Analyst

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