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We Had an Awesome Halloween Party, And You Can Too!

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We Had an Awesome Halloween Party, And You Can Too!

Because we have more distributed workers on our team than many companies, we went ahead and jumped the gun on our Halloween party. This was a very good decision, by the way. So good, in fact, that we wanted to take a moment today to share with you a surefire recipe for a successful Halloween party at the office.

Witch’s Brew

On one hand that could be the spooky list of ingredients that make up the fun Halloween party we had, or it could also be a reference to one of the most important parts – beer. Okay, I’m kind of kidding about that, but sure, unless your office has some strict guidelines about alcohol at company events, it wouldn’t hurt to encourage dressing up with a cold one after work. That aside, here are some other easy ways to make your next office Halloween party a hit.

  • I shouldn’t have to mention this, but the absolute best part of Halloween is dressing up. Encourage everyone to wear a costume with a contest. Some people may be on the fence about dressing up, but a sweet Starbucks card or day of PTO might push them over the edge.
  • If you haven’t done it lately, pumpkin carving is way more fun that you remember. For about $10 you can get some stencils that you can attach to the pumpkins or you can download hundreds of free stencils online.
  • Any kind of snack food will be a hit, but try to have fun with it by doing some of the things we’ve showed off on our VirtualPBX Instagram.
  • And this is more appropriate for companies like ours that have people working all over the country, but make sure the timing works for the bulk of your employees. That may sound like a scheduling headache but it’s really easy plus it means that, like we did, you might get to party on a school night!

Socialization is the Key

Which is my less than subtle way to encourage you to share the results of your party with us! But don’t worry, once you actually get your Halloween party off the ground, you’ll want to talk about it because it’ll have been so much fun. On that note, I hope you understand that many of the photos above have been redacted because what happens at the VirtualPBX Halloween party, stays at the VirtualPBX Halloween party. Have fun with your own event and remember to share it with us on Twitter and Facebook, and have fun!

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