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Go Green and Go Further With VirtualPBX

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Go Green and Go Further With VirtualPBX

With Earth Day just behind us (Thursday, April 22, for those who never got to it) it’s a good time as any to think on what we can do to go green and keep our planet in good shape.  There are plenty of things we have been doing already, for home and business, such as recycling excess paper, or even going paperless where possible, and use more efficient lighting.  But what can you do about your old phone system that you need to upgrade?  Why buy a piece of hardware that takes up energy, space, and will eventually end up being thrown away for what few parts can be recycled? Now you can go green by going with VoIP!

With a virtual phone system from Virtual PBX, you don’t have to worry about any of that.  Without having to go out of your way, you can do your part to reduce the amount of resources wasted.  It’s easy to have a Fortune 500 sound and functionality without having any extra telecom hardware at your office.  Without the hardware phone system in your office, you save room, electricity, and you won’t contribute to any trash heaps when you get rid of it many years from now.  Instead, you put those responsibilities in the hands of a more specialized, more efficient processing center that uses only a fraction of the resources because it can provide service to many customers at once.

But there’s another “green” that is important as well.  With Virtual PBX, you’re not just helping to save the environment – it’s also a money saver!  You don’t need any up-front capital to purchase a hardware phone system.  You also don’t need the annual maintenance costs that most hardware phone systems need (but sometimes not told about when you purchase them).  You can save money by limiting the amount of inbound phone lines coming into your place of business to handle multiple calls.  In fact, with Virtual PBX follow me calling, you might not even need as big an office space.  All employees could be unified under one phone number no matter where they are located…and your callers will never know.

So while Earth Day can be a good reminder for taking care of the environment, you can take advantage of the money-saving and environment-saving features of Virtual PBX every day.  Not only are you helping take care of our planet, but it gives you more time and money to concentrate on what is important to you.

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