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Finding a Business Phone Service For Your Company

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Finding a Business Phone Service For Your Company

So, if you’ve been reading the blog, you know that having phones is good, and having high-tech phones systems that work for you is great. Less work + better communication = good business. But that’s just a bunch of raw information. So let’s back off from that for now, and take a look at how to get some good communication going. Whether you’re just starting up or already have a business number and a few phone lines, you’re best off taking a fresh look at how a business phone service gets set up.

Any professional-level phone system has three parts: hardware, lines, and services. A traditional approach was to bundle the services into high-end hardware that connects to standard copper wire, and that gave us four-line phones with call waiting and conferencing, but it runs into limits fast and is rather expensive on a large scale. Alternatively, you could use a big PBX hardware system, which can provide some of the services like phone menus, voicemail, and call transfers, but that’s even more expensive. Cell phones try to bundle the services in another way, with both hardware features and now downloadable apps, but they don’t have any kind of business phone services.

Fortunately, with VirtualPBX, you get to use any kind of hardware and connection you want, since we process the calls for you. Land lines, cell phones, VoIP (internet phones), anything you can take calls on is something we can connect to with our system. Instead of spending carts of cash on the old hardware approach, you get all the best features with whatever hardware and line solution best suits you at the lowest cost. This often results in massive savings for existing businesses, and eliminates the hundreds to thousands in upfront costs for a new business phone service. We usually see savings of 20-70% for businesses that go virtual.

So, to summarize: get some phones from wherever you feel like. Cell phones, land lines, internet phones, whatever you prefer. Then you get VirtualPBX. And when calls come in, they get handled according to the program and script you’ve given us. From there, callers can get connected to any phone you want to use. And you reap all the benefits mentioned in our earlier posts.

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