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Customer Support From VirtualPBX 365 Days a Year

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Customer Support From VirtualPBX 365 Days a Year

Customer Support 365 Days a YearVirtualPBX has never ben shy about offering more from a customer support perspective than what is expected in the telecommunications space. In fact, we think that it’s downright unfortunate that the industry’s customer service is so lackluster these days, even if it just helps our team shine as an industry stand out. But now that we’re announcing that we have telephone agents on hand for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, there leaves little room for confusion as to our commitment to being the leader in service.

12 hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

Starting now, from the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time, you can call on one of our experienced telecommunications experts for whatever technical needs you have on your account. Additionally, this still includes the 24-hour access to our online support via email and chat that you have come to know and love, plus, as always, we include our customer service into the cost of any VirtualPBX service plan. There’s no reason you shouldn’t expect to have your service provider also provide you with service, in our humble opinion. That’s why we’re committed to expanding your access to service without changing the rules on you, either.

Get Started Today

With accolades piling up for our service, technology, and design each year, there really is no bad time to get started with hosted VoIP service from VirtualPBX. However, with the inclusion of the all new telephone service coverage 365 days a year provided at no extra charge, now just may be the best time ever to switch to an advanced cloud based phone system.

Contact a member of our Sales Team to schedule a free demo of the plans that interest you the most and get started with savings and flexibility like you’ve never seen, today!

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