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Great Wall & Floors Inc Manufactured Phone System Success

Great Wall & Floors Inc is a prominent flooring manufacturer and wholesale distribution center specializing in hardwood, SPC, and laminate floors. Operating throughout the Northwestern United States, they provide quality flooring solutions and also supply furniture-grade plywood to cabinet makers.

Prior to adopting VirtualPBX, Great Wall & Floors Inc was using Comcast services through a managed service provider, relying on a conventional landline phone. They opted to port their phone number from Comcast to VirtualPBX to enhance their communication infrastructure.

Great Wall & Floors Inc

Moving on From Comcast

Great Wall & Floors Inc, experts in the flooring industry, recognize the critical importance of top-quality materials in driving their business’s success. Just as they prioritize excellence in their flooring products, they sought a versatile and dependable phone system to remain seamlessly connected to their industrious clientele.

Unfortunately, their previous Comcast phone service could manage only one incoming call at a time, resulting in lost business opportunities. The primary motivation behind their transition from Comcast to VirtualPBX was the need for multiple phone lines. With a team of sales professionals, office staff, and warehouse personnel, the company required the flexibility to accommodate multiple extensions and facilitate seamless call transfers.

Every Phone Call is Money

The journey with VirtualPBX started after extensive research into VoIP phone systems. The choice to adopt VirtualPBX was driven by its capacity to meet its performance requirements, particularly the need for handling multiple simultaneous calls efficiently. Amy, the Office Manager emphasized the importance of answering every call. “Being able to answer multiple phone calls at the same time is vital to our business.”

Additionally, the affordability and the expedited setup process were compelling factors in their decision. The team found the rapid deployment impressive, especially when compared to other providers with weeks-long appointment schedules. They also valued the personalized training offered by VirtualPBX, a feature not often found elsewhere, enhancing their confidence in their new communication solution.

"We switched to VirtualPBX because of the price and because of how quickly they could get things set up. They are a lot faster than some other places – where you have an appointment a month out. It was a really fast and easy setup. We liked the personalized training that came with it. A lot of other places don’t have that."

Core Features in Use

VirtualPBX played a pivotal role in helping Great Wall & Floors Inc achieve its business objectives. The VoIP phones are predominantly used across various departments, including the sales team, office staff, and the warehouse, contributing to the seamless flow of communications within the organization. They leverage the following features to answer multiple calls concurrently, maximize customer interactions, and offer exemplary customer service:

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Voicemail: Ensuring No Voicemails Slip Through the Cracks
One of the critical features that Great Wall & Floors has actively embraced is voicemail. In their fast-paced industry, the ability to manage and respond to voicemails efficiently is paramount. The dynamic voicemail system provided by VirtualPBX has empowered them to do just that. With this feature, no voicemails slip through the cracks. Each message is promptly received and attended to, ensuring that customer inquiries and messages from partners are addressed in a timely manner. This proactive approach to voicemail management has played a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and maintaining seamless communication.

Extensions: Efficient Routing and Seamless Call Transfers
The effective use of extensions has been instrumental in streamlining Great Wall & Floors’ communication processes. Extensions not only ensure that incoming calls are routed to the right person, but they also facilitate seamless call transfers within the office. For a company with a diverse team comprising sales professionals, office staff, and warehouse personnel, the ability to direct calls to the appropriate individual is crucial. This feature has improved internal coordination and external customer service by making sure that every call reaches the most suitable recipient. Furthermore, it has eliminated the frustration and delays associated with manual call redirection, significantly improving overall efficiency.

Call Forwarding: Staying Connected on the Move
Another core feature that has greatly benefitted Great Wall & Floors is call forwarding. With team members frequently stepping out of the office to attend to various tasks, ensuring that no important call is missed is a priority. The ability to seamlessly forward calls to a mobile phone has proven invaluable. Whether it’s the sales team making sales calls, office staff dealing with logistics, or warehouse personnel managing inventory, staying connected on the move is vital. Call forwarding provides the flexibility needed to ensure continuous accessibility, regardless of one’s location. This not only enhances customer service but also supports the company’s commitment to maximum customer engagement.

Talking The Talk & Walking the Walk

VirtualPBX has made a substantial impact on the company’s success by keeping them closely connected with their customers. The ability to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously has significantly contributed to their business growth. As they put it, “It keeps us connected to our customers. It allows us to deal with multiple customers at a time. Every phone call is money. When you miss a call, it’s money!”

VirtualPBX has provided Great Wall & Floors Inc. with the tools they need to enhance communication, maximize efficiency, and ultimately boost their business’s bottom line. It has transformed the way they handle calls, providing them with the competitive edge they need in a demanding industry.

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