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APEX Career Services Reaches Internationally With VirtualPBX

Apex Career Services LogoAPEX Career Services works with clients on every continent. In the U.S., its human resources services and outplacement consultations stretch to all 50 states.

After using its former VoIP provider for eight years and dealing with consistent interruptions in service, APEX Career Services switched to a VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan to better serve its existing clients and prospective customers.

“There’s a professionalism with VirtualPBX that I didn’t have with my previous provider,” APEX Career Services owner Nadine Franz commented in a recent interview. This is Franz’s story about her switch to better service with VirtualPBX.

An Array of Responsibilities

Quote from Nadine Franz“I’m a human resources and outplacement consultant, in title,” Franz opened with in her interview with VirtualPBX. “I’m the owner of APEX Career Services.”

“We work with individuals and companies in a variety of ways, including writing cover letters and resumes, providing career assessments and working on job readiness skills, and helping people develop their LinkedIn profiles to best display their assets.

“Our outplacement services help employees learn the skills they need to make the transition to new careers. We also assist with HR best practices in everything from legal form processing to talent recruiting.”

Assisting Customers by Phone

APEX Career Services’ extensive list of responsibilities depends on the company’s phone service.

Its international reach begins, most often, through phone-based conversations with individuals and businesses. Without a dependable voice plan, it would be unable to make personal connections with the people who depend on its services.

“This is important to me,” continued Franz. “I coach clients who rely on me to be there for them. I really love what I do. But I can’t do what I love when my phones go down.”

Weeks of Downtime

It was in the autumn of 2019 when APEX Career Services started looking elsewhere for phone service.

Franz said her company was unable to make calls for several weeks in a row.

“After eight years with my provider, this was it. I couldn’t rely on the phone system anymore.”

Franz said she had to reach clients in other ways during that long outage, and that using her personal phone became a necessary lifeline.

“Even with that tough stretch, I was hesitant to switch. I was hoping everything would work out with my provider. You just never know how things are going to be with a new company.”

It wasn’t long before Franz’s doubts were put to rest.

Stepping Into the Present Century

Customer Service

Quote from Nadine FranzShe spoke in her interview about how she was sold on all the included features VirtualPBX offers in its plans. Foremost of which is VirtualPBX’s 24/7 Customer Support which provides her with assistance in phone system setup and troubleshooting, even in the earliest morning hours.

“I have been on the phone at 1 a.m with VirtualPBX and had my issues resolved,” Franz said, noting that her workday often extends beyond 12 hours to accommodate all her clients.

The customer support from APEX Career Services’ previous phone provider was described as “limited to California business hours” with an “old ticketing system” that offered “no service on weekends.”

Franz said they were stuck once for an entire weekend with a system-crippling issue that made business functions impossible during that time.

“This new phone system has helped me step into this century,” Franz said. “I can’t stress how good your customer service is.”

Audio Conferencing, Auto Attendant, and Custom Greetings

Although APEX Career Services’ former provider offered 3-way conferencing in its plans, it doesn’t offer Audio Conferencing with as many system users and guests as businesses need to host.

“The Conferencing feature gives me a polished look,” Franz said of this capability in their VirtualPBX Plan. “Listing this feature as part of my company’s services is great for our branding.”

Auto Attendant Greeting Menu - VirtualPBXThis same feeling is also tied to the Auto Attendant that’s part of every VirtualPBX Plan.

“I now have a polished message to present to customers,” Franz said. “It was all created for me in the way that I wanted.”

APEX Career Services used this switch in service providers to take advantage of VirtualPBX’s partnership with Snap Recordings. VirtualPBX customers can easily order custom recordings from Snap for their main Auto Attendant message, hold music, or Voicemail messages.

Franz called the process of ordering Snap messages “seamless” and done in a way where “I didn’t feel like I was just handed off.”

“Who can you trust?” Franz asked. “This partnership and my initial experiences with VirtualPBX made it easy to trust that the greetings would be good.”

“All I had to do was click a link to get my professional messages ordered. It was amazing.”

Hardware and Virtual Phones

Yealink W60PAPEX Career Services also relied on VirtualPBX for its new phones — both the Yealink W60P and two software-based options.

Franz said the new Yealink desk phone offers a high voice quality and works well for a full day of speaking to customers at the office. VirtualPBX was able to automatically provision the phone to APEX Career Services’ phone plan.

For days outside the office, Franz said the VirtualPBX Softphone and VirtualPBX Web Phone have played an important role. The Softphone, Franz said, is used primarily on their smartphone, while the Web Phone has seen its use on their laptop. The combination has made it possible for Franz to work from any location without losing service.

A Future With VirtualPBX

APEX Career Services’ journey with VirtualPBX has only been months in the making.

After its previous provider’s multi-week outage in the fall of 2019, Franz said there has been a lot to learn in the phone system switch. The VirtualPBX Sales and Onboarding teams were quick to provide instruction about using the VirtualPBX online dashboard and new phones. Still, moving away from eight years with a familiar system can take some adjustment, so Franz is still fine tuning system settings to match the demanding needs of their business.

Franz said APEX Career Services hasn’t backed down from its long work days and is excited to try other VirtualPBX features, such as Call Recording that could benefit their clients.

“This new system has been such a big step from what I had before,” Franz concluded. “It’s been great so far.”

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