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Greenfields Financial Services Finds Greener Pastures

Greenfields Financial Services is a distinguished accounting and taxation firm with a rich history dating back to 1993 when it began as a sole proprietorship. Incorporated in 2006, Greenfields Financial Services specializes in accounting, taxation, and reporting services, including union and non-profit organization tax returns. Recognizing the need for a proactive strategy to ensure exceptional service delivery throughout both the busy tax season and the off-season, Greenfields sought a phone system that could offer year-round flexibility, scalability, and unwavering reliability.

The vision to provide top-tier financial services served as the catalyst for Greenfields Financial Services to enhance its business phone system.

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Decreasing Liabilities and Overhead Expenses

At Greenfields financial services, their dedication to their clients is the most valuable asset of their business. Unfortunately, their previous landline system was unreliable, and obtaining timely assistance for technical issues was a constant struggle. They even encountered delays and frustration when trying to make simple changes to their phone system or voicemail settings. Moreover, the reliability of receiving messages from their receptionist was hit or miss.

Following an assessment of their landline system and receptionist’s performance, the combination of elevated operating expenses and missed messages prompted them to seek a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

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Evaluating the Value of VirtualPBX

The path to VirtualPBX started when Greenfields Financial Services received a well-timed marketing email. At the time, they were actively exploring phone system options, even contemplating the outsourcing of their call center operations. However, they were not sold on outsourcing their communications. While the initial inspiration for considering VirtualPBX was cost efficiency, its array of features sealed the deal. Greenfields Financial Services recognized that they needed a solution that could adapt to their unique work patterns. With employees working remotely during the off-season and in-office during tax season, VirtualPBX emerged as the clear choice.

"During the tax off season, we are not in the office. We work from home. VirtualPBX is very useful to my business because I can take calls on my business cell phone without being in the office and answer them as Greenfields Financial."

Veneranda Toledo
Co-Founder at Greenfields Financial Services

Key Phone System Features in Use

Call Routing

Greenfields Financial Services leverages Call Routing to ensure that calls find their intended recipients, even when they’re working remotely. Calls are seamlessly redirected to employees’ business cell phones, eliminating the need for an in-house receptionist and saving on operational costs.

Virtual Receptionist

The virtual receptionist, also known as Auto Attendant menu ensures that incoming calls are greeted and directed to the right person or mailbox, regardless of their location. This enhances the professionalism of their phone system and ensures that calls and messages never slip through the cracks.

Voicemail to Email

Greenfields Financial Services uses Voicemail to Email functionality to stay on top of missed calls. This feature ensures that no important message is left unattended, as voicemails are sent directly to their email inboxes for quick follow-up.

Call Blasting

To ensure that incoming calls are never missed, Greenfields Financial Services uses Call Blasting. This feature simultaneously rings both their office and business cell phones, ensuring accessibility no matter where they are.

Achieving Reliability & Closing the Books

For Greenfields Financial Services, when communication reliability and efficiency have been achieved, it’s time to close the books. VirtualPBX plays a vital role in helping them achieve this goal by streamlining communication. They no longer miss critical calls, and their ability to respond promptly to client inquiries has greatly improved. The partnership with VirtualPBX has enabled them to focus on their biggest asset—providing exceptional financial services to their clients.

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