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The Law Office of Stacy Jacob Finds Continuity with VirtualPBX

Stacy Jacob, Esq., Attorney at Law has worked with VirtualPBX as her business phone provider since 2014.

Jacob’s firm, the Law Office of Stacy Jacob, uses a full array of devices to stay connected with clients and establish a consistent brand image whether calls are made from the office or in the field. Her firm’s practice areas of immigration, guardianship, matrimonial, and personal injury law have benefited immeasurably as a result.

VirtualPBX recently spoke to Jacob about her experience with the phone system during the past six years. Her reflections on this time reveal that the VirtualPBX platform has allowed Jacob to stay connected both in more predictable times and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Law Office of Stacy Jacob

Jacob graduated from Boston University School of Law and has excelled in many positions throughout the private and public sector.

Directly out of law school, she spent time in pharmaceutical research before moving into positions with the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice and the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Her private law practice was established in 2009 and continues into the present day.

Jacob’s work in immigration, housing, and marriage law stands alongside community service initiatives she assists and has created, including the New York Teens Empowering More People Onward group she formed in 2005.

Daily Business Calls

Jacob spends time inside and outside the office to accomplish this wide range of responsibilities. She originally reached out to VirtualPBX to create a consistent way clients could contact her office.

“I chose VirtualPBX to have a consistent phone number through which clients could contact me, whether I was using a cellphone or a landline,” Jacob said.

It’s that same primary business number that was established in 2014 that is still in use today.

“I continue to use my PBX number as my main business number.”

Three Preferred business phone devices

Desk Phone

This consistency has been bolstered primarily by an office phone, an AT&T CL4940, that is Jacob’s go-to device when reaching out to clients.

“I prefer using my landline for daily business calls,” she said. Making contact with clients from the office phone has proven an effective, comfortable way to make sure business gets done.

Jacob uses both a landline service and a VirtualPBX plan in tandem with one another. Each service has its own phone number — creating multiple ways Jacob can keep in contact with clients.


Jacob prefers to use her landline and desk phone to make outbound calls from the office. Inbound calls to that line will ring that hardware, but inbound calls to the VirtualPBX line take a different path.

“All incoming calls to my VirtualPBX number, which is my main business number, are forwarded to my cell phone so that I can take calls when I’m out of the office and working remotely,” Jacob continued.

Call Forwarding makes it possible for Jacob to catch calls when she’s in transit and in locations that are outside the office. Native integration with her smartphone allows all calls to immediately ring her phone or be transferred to voicemail when a separate call is in progress.

This feature is the one that Jacob pointed out as being used the most among all the available features present in VirtualPBX Plans. Her midsize law firm is straightforward with use of the VirtualPBX 300 Plan, which was purpose-built for situations like this where Call Forwarding is essential.

VirtualPBX Softphone

Although rare in occurrence, Jacob also pointed out, she sometimes needs to make outbound calls to clients while she is away from the office.

Recent months as affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have changed everyone’s perspective on how to conduct business. Jacob has adapted to this change of circumstances, in part, by beginning to use the VirtualPBX Softphone.

“I rarely use the app to make outbound calls,” Jacob admitted, “as I am often in my office.

“However, it’s a very useful feature that maintains a professional communication as well as provides a layer of privacy when I need to reach a client and I’m on my cell phone.”

The professional communication created with the VirtualPBX Softphone comes from its ability to show Jacob’s company phone number as its caller ID. All phones connected to a user’s VirtualPBX account can display the company identification when completing outbound calls.

This allows firms like the Law Office of Stacy Jacobs to remain tied to their professional image, regardless of location or type of device. Jacob can complete calls from anywhere, and all her contacts will know that the inbound call is from their legal contact.

Consistency, Not Complexity

What Jacob shows in her responses about use of the VirtualPBX Phone System is that developing a consistent image doesn’t have to be complex.

Jacob uses the VirtualPBX 300 Plan to its full effect. She takes advantage of Call Forwarding and three types of devices and call handling. This smart use matches the needs of her law firm with the capabilities of phone plan. She doesn’t pay more than necessary, yet receives a number of professional features that keep her connected and visible to all her contacts.

If you are considering VoIP phone service for your own law firm or small business, don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can see all VirtualPBX plans by clicking the button below.

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