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Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. Makes the Switch to VoIP

Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. began in 1986 as a family-run company dedicated to incorporating businesses in the state of Delaware. Their small team helps business leaders to file LLCS and corporations, obtain EINs, and provide Delaware virtual offices and mail forwarding, among other new business creation tasks.

While Delaware Business Incorporators has been part of decades of business transformation – from index cards to Netsuite, all the way up to today’s advanced internet and connected device offerings – their phone system had fallen behind schedule for its upgrade and switch to VoIP.

Delaware Business, Inc. Makes the Switch to VoIP

Ready for A Modern Business Phone System with All of the Features

A company’s phone system is a crucial lifeline to customers, vendors, partners, and co-workers. Any downtime can severely disrupt business operations. Having heard disappointing news about terrible call quality from a family member trying VoIP service with another provider, Delaware Business Incorporators was not eager for change. And since, as Russell Murray, VP, put it, the system “worked,” – the company saw no urgent need for an upgrade and wanted to wait for the early adopter phase of VoIP to pass before revisiting the decision. That is until a new paralegal on the team raised concern.

While the system was “working,” this team member noted that what it lacked was starting to affect the business. Two cornerstone phone system features stood out in particular: business caller ID and voicemail. For the latter, the team had previously tried a nighttime voicemail service to cover the gap, but it was not a full-time solution.

Delaware Business, Inc. Makes the Switch to VoIP

Searching for the Right Business Phone Service Provider

After hearing lackluster reports of VoIP service in the past, Russell Murray was determined to find the right solution for his business and set out on his research journey. Core to his decision was:

  • True 24-hour support
  • 99.999% reliability
  • Competitive price
  • Feature coverage
  • Device compatibility

While several companies could cover a few of his needs, it wasn’t until he came across VirtualPBX that he saw all of the business’s needs covered. An introductory call with a senior VoIP specialist at VirtualPBX cleared up the complexity of the switch to VoIP. Said Murray, “when I spoke to Lawrence, I could tell he knew his stuff.”

Transitioning Service to VirtualPBX

After making his decision to go with VirtualPBX, Murray and the team at VirtualPBX set about a plan to cutover, practice, and test the system. This attention to detail and service after the sale is what VirtualPBX is known for. While competitors either may not offer onboarding services or charge extra for them, it is one of the cornerstones of VirtualPBX service. In fact, it’s built into their tagline – “We Make Your Business Better.”

Testing with Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. included setting up a brand new Yealink desk phone and programming the softkeys to go to employee extensions. The team also forwarded calls into the system, testing multiple numbers. Employees also received training, and Murray remarked that he “was amazed at how easily our employees took to it.”

Modern Phone System Features for a Modern Company

The two main features Murray was looking to gain were business caller ID and voicemail. While those got ticked off his list, the extras that came with the voicemail feature left a big impression. Murray and the team started to take advantage of the option to send callers straight to voicemail, and he “was really really happy about that capability” to transcribe voicemails and send them to an email address.

Additional features the team at Delaware Business Incorporators adopted include Hold Music, Ring Groups that ring all phones, Holiday Hours for alternate routing on holidays, and Advanced Call Reports. Murray and his team are busy, but scheduling and utilizing pre-made reports ensures that they can focus on what they do best. Plus, the ability to access Call Recordings straight from the Advanced Call Reports portal makes listening to Call Recordings extremely easy. While he already knew his team’s performance was top of the line, Murray has been impressed with what he’s heard on these recorded calls and plans on using these recordings to train new staff. 

VoIP Plans: Prices and Features on Our Business Phone Plans

Switching to VoIP: Transitioning Service to VirtualPBX

The team at VirtualPBX truly prides themselves on their ability to improve business operations for their customers. Working with Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. has been a perfect example of this. Remarking on his experience, Murray said, “I’ve only had positive experiences with all of your people.” But customer service is only successful when the product meets a customer’s needs. Having come around to VoIP with some trepidation on call quality, VirtualPBX proved that not all VoIP service is the same. When asked how VirtualPBX was able to address this core concern, Murray replied that “it has worked flawlessly since I signed up.”

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