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1st Classic Transportation Powers Through Recession

1st Classic Transportation LogoSupport systems are often what help businesses thrive in troubling times. In switching its phone service to VirtualPBX, 1st Classic Transportation has gained a strong base of communications tools that have helped it persist through the COVID pandemic that has assailed individuals and businesses throughout 2020.

1st Classic Transportation uses a number of phone system features to its benefit, including Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Call Recording, and Voicemail. It’s also preparing for the future with our new Business SMS feature that will allow the company’s employees to connect with customers as it provides limousine transportation to and from airports, charter rides for business and personal events, and wine country tours throughout San Francisco and the surrounding California area.

Chris Fagbolu, the president and CEO of 1st Classic Transportation, spoke about their company’s adoption of VirtualPBX services and how that switch has helped it stay afloat during these trying economic times.

Switching to VirtualPBX

When it came time to choose a new communications provider, Fagbolu noted, the decision was made simple by the combination of low price and included features.

“VirtualPBX is more affordable with more features in comparison with other phone system providers”, Fagbolu said.

That said, 1st Classic Transportation wasn’t necessarily in the market for a bare-bones style plan. It needed many core VirtualPBX features like Auto Attendant, but it wanted some enterprise features to assist with present and future endeavors.

Looking to the future, Fagbolu considered the VirtualPBX Advanced Plan to gain those extra features without having to stretch the company budget thin. This tier of VirtualPBX plan works well for many midsize and growing companies that want unlimited calling minutes and need the additional capability that enterprise features can provide.

1st Classic Transportation Website - Business Travel - Screenshot

Features in Use

Fagbolu first commented to VirtualPBX that it makes heavy use of its Auto Attendant in order to present a professional look to its customers.

“It shows customers our service options to choose from,” Fagbolu said. The Auto Attendant works as 1st Classic Transportation’s initial interaction with many customers; it lets them reach employees who can help them with reservations, billing issues, and lets them reach dispatch which can lead to speaking to individual drivers.

The Auto Attendant also allows callers to enter an employee extension. A customer could, for instance, reach Fagbolu or a driver if they already know the individual’s number. 1st Classic Transportation uses this capability alongside Call Forwarding, which Fagbolu said assists the company’s “go-to choice for devices – forwarding calls to personal smartphones.”

“We gravitate toward using personal smartphones for its convenience, flexibility, and mobility.” It allows all employees, whether they work primarily in the office or drive clients between destinations, to stay connected with customers and co-workers.

Fagbolu added that Ring Groups play an important role by giving multiple employees access to inbound calls so few customers are transferred to voicemail.

That said, Voicemail and Call Recording have their own roles to play as tools to ensure customer satisfaction and for quality assurance. They each can capture important messages from clients, and voice recordings have made an impact in making sure customers receive the exact services they have requested.

“The voice recorder is excellent,” Fagbolu continued. “Should we be missing any conversation details with our customers, we can play back recordings to confirm reservations. It also helps us with employee training and making sure welcome greetings are completed properly.”

1st Classic Transportation Website - Personal Events - Screenshot

Weathering the Pandemic, Looking Forward

1st Classic Transportation has seen its share of hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fagbolu said the company has had to reduce its number of staff members and reconsider how its budget is allocated.

In part, the pressures of the pandemic are what had Fagbolu consider switching to a new phone system provider. Fagbolu indicated that it was important to make an informed choice in that situation because both current and future business activities rely on voice communications.

Porting Numbers

Porting Confirmation - VirtualPBX“We have gone through three phone system providers since 1st Classic incorporated over 16 years ago,” Fagbolu said.

The first real test for VirtualPBX came within the first days of 1st Classic Transportation becoming a customer. The company’s phone numbers needed to be transferred from the previous carrier to VirtualPBX, and although this is often a quick process that takes no more than a few days, sometimes difficulties with other carriers can present challenges.

With 1st Classic Transportation, it required an extended period of consistent communication between VirtualPBX staff and the carrier which possessed the requested number. Multiple members of the VirtualPBX onboarding and porting teams helped resolve the issue by keeping the issue in the forefront, to which Fagbolu said “they went the extra mile in making sure that the number porting was a success.”

“I want to commend your team for an excellent job in the process. Your 24-hour customer support is second to none, and your technical support agents are knowledgeable and always make sure your problems are solved.”

Text Messaging

VirtualPBX Business SMS Screenshot on Mobile PhoneNow 1st Classic Transportation is using its new phone system in a manner that’s both securing the present and looking to the future. All the previously-mentioned features are allowing Fagbolu and company to keep its current client base happy and its intra-office communication steady.

Fagbolu is confident in the future, noting that Business SMS is on their list of features to begin using in earnest in the coming months.

“We intend to use it more vigorously to communicate with customers,” Fagbolu said. It will broaden the range of ways in which 1st Classic Transportation employees can create reservations and assure customers that their rides are on schedule.

Sticking With VirtualPBX

“The features I mentioned are what are keeping us in business in this challenging time of COVID-19,” Fagbolu emphasized. “The new phone system has absolutely helped.”

It’s this sort of feedback that assures new and existing VirtualPBX features are playing a positive role in the daily operations of businesses. Most exciting is that, though Business SMS and other similar enterprise features were released only recently, they are finding a way to help businesses through changing economic circumstances.

Fagbolu concluded by asking VirtualPBX to “please kindly keep up the excellent work.” The entire VirtualPBX team is happy to comply with that ask and to continue addressing the needs of growing businesses everywhere.