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Marco Alexzander Salon Cut A Path To Success

Marco Alexzander Salon is a rapidly-growing full-service salon located in Cleveland, Ohio. Established in 2022, the salon has experienced significant expansion, adding hair stylists, nail artists, and coordinators to its staff.

The mission for Marco Alexzander Salon is to provide the Tremont community with an all-inclusive salon dedicated to inclusivity and diversity. When the salon opened, Marco knew he needed a reliable phone system that could handle customer calls and allow clients to beep in from their intercom system. After researching his options, Marco decided to go with VirtualPBX.

Marco Alexzander Salon Front Desk

Overcoming Telephony Challenges Prior To The Grand Opening​

Before their grand opening, Marco Gonzalez faced the challenge of finding a phone line option for their new space. Nestled in a modern and welcoming retail space inside a luxury apartment building, the salon was presented with some obstacles. “The building was not designed for landline use, and the intercom system required us to connect to a phone line,” said owner Marco Gonzalez.

To overcome these issues, Marco decided to pursue a cloud-based phone system. He wanted an operational business line before the grand opening. Fortunately, VirtualPBX enabled Marco Alexzander Salon to get a virtual number quickly, allowing them to divert calls to Marco’s mobile phone until the salon was fully operational.

Marco Alexzander Salon Cut a Path to Success

Unlocking VoIP Features For Intercom Management

At Marco Alexzander Salon, the intercom system is an integral part of the business. When customers arrive, they just need to press “1” and “call” to let the staff know they’re there. Right away, they get a response of “someone will buzz you in shortly”. In no time at all, they are allowed access to the salon. On the other side of things, the staff at the front desk has a special cordless phone that notifies them whenever someone is outside. When the phone rings, they press “call” and then “6” to let the customer in. In order to operate this type of setup, the following VoIP features were used.

Multiple Numbers

Early on, Marco Alexzander salon was greatly aided by having a main business phone number in place. To begin with, a virtual number was necessary in order to get the salon started before it had a physical location. Additionally, a secondary phone number was added so the main line could be freed up when it was being used by the intercom system. Moreover, having Multiple Numbers permitted the salon to better handle customer service tasks, as they were able to identify where a call was coming from and direct it to the right desk phone.

Multi-Level Auto Attendants

By utilizing telephone numbers, the salon was able to implement a dual-line system with Multi-Level Auto Attendants. This was a major improvement, as the intercom had been tying up their main line. Thanks to the new system, they had two lines: one for the front buzzer and one for incoming calls, and each line had its own greeting. Marco observed that this system was beneficial because “If someone is on the phone, it calls the other line, so then we’re able to accommodate more people.” The dual-line system made a huge difference in the salon, improving their phone system and enhancing their customer service.

Dynamic Voicemail

Last but not least, VirtualPBX’s convenient Dynamic Voicemail feature enabled them to swiftly modify their away greetings, promotions, and business hours. “Our front desk coordinators can change the voicemail very fast,” Marco shared. This ensures that their customers still obtain the best service possible, even when the salon is closed. By promptly altering their voicemail, the salon is able to furnish their customers with up-to-date and correct information.

A Colorful Future For Marco Alexzander Salon

Overall, Marco Alexzander Salon’s use of the VirtualPBX system has been invaluable for the growth and success of their business. Their commitment to providing the highest quality customer service, combined with their inclusive, eclectic style, has enabled them to create a welcoming atmosphere to all who contact their salon.

Marco experienced the convenience of VirtualPBX firsthand “It’s quick and easy. We can communicate with our clients and still have a reliable network. VirtualPBX works well.”

Marco Alexzander Salon Team Photo