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Urge Palette Art Supplies Paints A Picture Of Success

Urge Palette, is not just an art supply company. It’s an artist-serving artist store that exudes quality products and welcoming vibes. Fritz Aragon, the owner of Urge Palette, also runs Painsugar Gallery, a DIY exhibition space dedicated to showcasing both local and international works of art.

As their business expanded, frustration with ATT services mounted. However, a turning point came when Kathy, a friend of the shop and rockstar Customer Success Coordinator at VirtualPBX enlightened them about the cost-savings and benefits of the Auto Attendant feature. Committed to supporting fellow privately owned businesses, Urge Palette decided to make the switch to VirtualPBX.

Urge Palette Art Supplies

Telephone Challenges Prior to Using VirtualPBX

Before adopting VirtualPBX, Urge Palette faced many challenges. I wanted to leave ATT for the longest time. I was just too busy to do any exploring. I was getting charged way too much for far too little” said the shop’s owner, Fritz Aragon. ATT was costly, provided limited customer service, and was plagued by frequent issues. The difficulties extended to frequent robocalls and the lack of efficiency when handling multiple calls at once. This became particularly problematic during busy periods. VirtualPBX addressed these challenges, allowing Urge Palette to handle numerous calls simultaneously and eliminating robocalls.

"The ability to engage with multiple customers simultaneously proved to be transformative. This capability has been particularly beneficial during busy periods when customers consistently reach out. Now, we no longer need to put everyone on hold, a significant improvement for our efficiency and customer service."

Fritz Aragon
Urge Palette Art Supplies

Utilizing The VirtualPBX Auto Attendant​

At Urge Palette, prioritizing customer service and responsiveness is fundamental. During the transition to VirtualPBX, their primary goal was to efficiently manage increased call volumes and ensure the delivery of accurate information to customers. Harnessing the capabilities of the VirtualPBX Auto Attendant became instrumental in contributing to the overall success of their business across various areas.

Cost Savings

Efficient management of overhead costs is essential for profitability in small businesses such as Urge Palette. The immediate effect of adopting VirtualPBX was clear, showcasing a significant decrease in billing expenses. Instead of the necessity to recruit extra personnel, the auto attendant adeptly welcomes callers, shares information, and directs calls. This not only keeps their costs down but also provides a broader range of telephony features compared to their previous ATT phone system.

Call Screening

The implementation of an Auto Attendant allowed Urge Palette to effectively screen robo calls. Reflecting on the past, Fritz Aragon shared, “It gave me PTSD every time the phone rang. I didn’t want to answer it, but it could potentially be a real customer. I was getting equal amounts of customer calls to robocalls, if not more.” With VirtualPBX, he expressed, “I forgot that I have junk calls. I forgot there was a world with junk calls that I don’t have anymore because it doesn’t happen. I really appreciate that.”

Cost Routing

Urge Palette utilizes its Auto Attendant, also known as a Virtual Receptionist, to greet callers and efficiently route them to the appropriate department. The structured menu, with options like pressing 0 to speak to a store associate or 4 for business printing services, ensures that callers are directed to the right contact promptly. This streamlined system not only saves Urge Palette time, money, and resources but also allows them to focus on delivering even better service to their customers. The implementation of an Auto Attendant has proven to be groundbreaking, enabling them to talk to multiple customers simultaneously and eliminating the need to place everyone on hold during busy periods.

business phone plan features
“Being able to talk to multiple customers at the same time is a game changer. It wasn’t something I thought I could do. It really helps us when we are busy. We don’t have to place everyone on hold and that’s something that really helps us."

Designing Improved Service

In conclusion, the transformation in call handling and customer service capabilities at Urge Palette Art Supplies has been substantial. With the capacity to manage multiple calls efficiently, direct callers to the appropriate department, and successfully filter out robocalls, Urge Palette has designed a higher level of service for its customers.

Fritz Aragon vividly observed the immediate impact on his business operations, stating, “It enabled everyone to concentrate on working and helping our customers. We are more involved with our customers, more involved with our work, not having to work about all the problems that we had before. All that adds up to being better providers to our customers.”