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Ceras Health – A Remote Health Pioneer Relies on a VoIP Pioneer

Ceras Health is a digital healthcare solutions company specializing in remote patient monitoring. As the industry landscape continually evolves, Ceras Health has adapted its business model to cater to the changing needs of patients. With an increased focus on digital solutions and remote care, the company sought a reliable and feature-rich communication system to improve efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction.

With the healthcare landscape shifting, Ceras Health recognized the need to upgrade its communication infrastructure. They decided to explore cloud-based solutions to replace their self-hosted system. After careful consideration, Cera Health’s unwavering trust in VirtualPBX’s connectivity and reliability solidified its position as the top solution.

Ceras Health

Modern Healthcare Requires High-Tech Solutions

Prior to implementing VirtualPBX, Ceras Health encountered reliability issues with their self-hosted system, particularly concerning connectivity. Shyam Alapati, a key figure at Ceras Health, emphasized the criticality of their healthcare management solution, necessitating a provider with 99.999% reliability. This requirement led them to seek a cloud-based solution that could provide improved reliability and digital features, addressing their previous pain points and streamlining communication processes.

Ceras Health Remote Health

Key Features Of Digital Health Management

VirtualPBX is utilized by multiple teams within Ceras Health. Each department benefits from the platform’s robust features, ensuring smooth and efficient communication across the organization.

Call Queues: Ceras Health leverages call queues to organize and manage different departments within their organization. In some cases, specific customers have their own dedicated queues, ensuring personalized assistance. Routing is customized based on the incoming number dialed, enhancing the efficiency of call handling.

Voicemail: The company utilizes the voicemail feature to update their voicemail messages, ensuring prompt and effective communication with callers.

API Integration: They utilize VirtualPBX’s API to obtain customized call logs tailored to their specific requirements, enabling comprehensive tracking and analysis of call-related metrics.

Softphone Apps:
With approximately 30-35 remote agents, their agents rely on VirtualPBX’s Softphone App to make and receive calls, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across their distributed workforce.

Tracking Performance Metrics:
Ceras Health actively tracks various metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) using VirtualPBX. They monitor missed calls, call duration, and the number of voicemails received, among other metrics. These insights enable the company to continuously evaluate and enhance their communication processes, ensuring optimal performance.

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The Future of Connected Care

By implementing VirtualPBX, Ceras Health successfully transformed their communication infrastructure, enabling seamless connectivity. The integration of VirtualPBX’s core features and robust API capabilities has empowered Ceras Health to enhance productivity, improve customer support, and embrace the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. As a trusted partner, VirtualPBX continues to play a vital role in supporting Ceras Health’s commitment to delivering exceptional digital health management.