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Handcar Tours' Smooth Ride to Advanced VoIP Service

Handcar Tours is a unique tourist attraction located alongside Monterey Bay. The company operates human-powered railway equipment, offering visitors an exciting and nostalgic experience. Todd Clark, along with his son, turned their love for handcars into a thriving business by founding Handcar Tours.

As their business grew, the shortcomings of Google Voice became evident. Driven to discover the perfect VoIP solution, they undertook an extensive search that included evaluating providers such as Grasshopper, RingCentral, 8×8, and VirtualPBX. Inevitably, VirtualPBX emerged as the clear frontrunner in meeting their needs and requirements.

Handcar Tours' Smooth Ride to Advanced VoIP Service

Becoming The Sole Manufacturer of Railroad Handcars

Handcar Tours became the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of railroad handcars due to their efforts to revitalize historic replica handcars. As Todd Clark explains, building human-operated railway cars is an exceptionally challenging task, which contributed to their distinction as the only manufacturer in the world.


VirtualPBX Sets The Bar For Switching VoIP Providers

Prior to VirtualPBX, Handcar Tours had been using Google Voice. However, Google Voice lacked the necessary functionality that Handcar Tours required. They needed a system that allowed multiple phones to ring simultaneously, put calls on hold, and enable seamless call transfers among neighboring phones. This feature was crucial for their operations as they had several people working in the same room and multiple lines ringing simultaneously.

Handcar Tours also explored alternative solutions, including 8×8 and RingCentral. However, both experiences were disappointing, primarily due to poor customer service and technical difficulties. Todd Clark found it challenging to activate his account and obtain local numbers, essential for their business needs.

In contrast, VirtualPBX stood out with its exceptional customer support and the flexibility to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Reflecting on the transition to VirtualPBX, Clark emphasized the importance of being able to communicate with knowledgeable professionals. “I actually got to talk to someone who knew what they were doing. Plus, they were located in the United States. Some of your competitors outsource everything. It was very difficult to get things done. VirtualPBX support was really good”.

"After trying other VOIP services, I settled with VirtualPBX and found the switch-over straightforward and well-supported. Since switching to VirtualPBX, we have enjoyed reliable phone service that functions as expected every time the telephone rings. The setup process was smooth, and the porting of our number was flawless, unlike the experience I had with other providers. VirtualPBX's responsive customer support and the flexibility to use our own phones were significant advantages. VirtualPBX has proven to be an excellent solution for our business needs."

Todd Clark
Founder of Handcar Tours

How Handcar Tours Utilizes VirtualPBX's Features

Handcar Tours prioritizes customer service with two dedicated phone lines. While their focus is not on cold calling or sales, they are currently exploring the VirtualText App to enhance customer reservation reminders. As a seasonal business, they leverage the following VoIP features that enable them to maintain a telephone presence all year long:

Bring-Your-Own Device: Handcar Tours emphasized the importance of flexibility when it came to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capability. The ability to choose and utilize their preferred hardware with VirtualPBX brought them substantial convenience and value. In order to select the phones they desired, they made the decision to return the devices obtained from 8×8 and instead invested in devices they could bring to VirtualPBX.

Local Numbers: The significance of having a local number cannot be overstated. When contacting customers who may be running late, it’s essential that the number displayed carries a familiar area code. This recognition increases the likelihood of customers answering the call, ensuring effective communication and seamless coordination.

Call Blasting: One of the main factors that led to their transition from Google Voice was the absence of a feature allowing simultaneous ringing across multiple devices. Call Blasting is crucial in ensuring that incoming calls are promptly answered, making it a perfect strategy for their top-notch customer support.

Call On-Hold / Call Transfers: Handcar Tours places great importance on advanced call-handling capabilities once a call is answered. They rely on the power of Call Holding and Call Transfers to provide customers with exceptional service. When a call is put on hold, another staff member can seamlessly pick up the call, ensuring a white-glove experience for every customer.

Call Forwarding: During the off-season, they implement Call Forwarding to ensure continuous and reliable communication with their customers. Despite the temporary halt in operations, Handcar Tours prioritizes maintaining a professional and accessible telephone presence year-round. This commitment ensures that customers are never left without support or assistance, regardless of the season.

Propelling Customer Service and Efficiency

In summary, Handcar Tours’ transition to VirtualPBX has significantly enhanced its communication efficiency and customer service capabilities. With the ability to handle multiple calls, put them on hold, and transfer them seamlessly, Handcar Tours can provide a seamless and enjoyable experience to their visitors. VirtualPBX’s reliable service, excellent customer support, and device compatibility have made it the ideal choice for their unique requirements.

The Clark family experienced the convenience of transitioning to VirtualPBX firsthand, “VirtualPBX is a painless solution. It does not require as much time to set it up, as it would with another service. I was able to do it without support even though your rep offered. The porting went over flawlessly and your staff knew what to do.”