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Mind & Mill Switches to VirtualPBX

Mind & Mill bills itself as a “habitat for smart people to come together and create, collaborate, learn, and grow.”

Through its marketing agency and coworking space, it successfully delivers a range of services to the community of Riverside, CA, and its influence has been growing in that region.

Not more than a year ago, however, its office phone setup wasn’t keeping pace with that growth. Calls were overloading the single office phone line and voicemail box offered by the company’s phone provider. It needed a switch to a new phone plan and, through its community connections, soon started with a VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan as a better way forward.

Watch the video here to see Joshua Mauldin, co-owner of Mind & Mill, speak about his experience with VirtualPBX and the positive result the Mind & Mill coworking space has seen since adopting a VirtualPBX Phone Plan.

Mind & Mill Office Marketing

Joshua Mauldin, co-owner of Mind & Mill, spoke to VirtualPBX about his company’s office space and the services his staff provides. He immediately highlighted the office space itself and the clients who make use of, and who by their talents improve, the Riverside location.

It’s a really gorgeous space,” Mauldin began. “People work shoulder-to-shoulder with our staff, so we get to work together on many projects.”

Mauldin said that Mind & Mill’s marketing agency takes the lion’s share of his staff’s time. The agency’s tasks are as diverse as they are numerous — including audio and video capture, traditional marketing tasks, information technology services, and brand development.

“The agency builds beautiful websites, creates captivating logos, and films fun stuff via drone,” Mauldin said.

“Their social campaigns are engaging, and their website and app interfaces are awesome. The copy my staff creates is gripping and witty. They know how to use CRM and SEO in ways that build brand loyalty while remaining manageable for clients.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the work they do.”

In all projects, the agency works with clients from concept development through finished product to help clients grow and succeed in their respective markets.

Community Coworking Space

The second part of Mind & Mill’s services — which is by no means an afterthought — is its Cowork space that’s advertised as offering the “freedom or flexibility of working at a coffee shop” alongside dedicated room for “creativity, quality, collaboration, and coworking.”

Various rooms throughout the building offer a “convenient place for a lot of people to work from,” Mauldin said.

It’s through the coworking space that Mauldin first met Kathy, a member of the VirtualPBX Sales team. Kathy started visiting Mind & Mill to complete her remote work, but soon became friends with Mauldin and eventually learned of his situation with the company’s phone plan.

After a few conversations, Mauldin took her offer to begin using VirtualPBX Dash.

VirtualPBX Replaces Google Voice

Mind & Mill had previously used Google Voice to provide a phone number and voicemail service for the company. This worked for a while as, Mauldin put it, Mind & Mill “was bootstrapping its service early on.”

Growth in customers and volume of work, though, soon outpaced the capability of Google Voice and forced Mauldin into a situation where he was overwhelmed by inbound calls. Mauldin took all calls on his personal smartphone and had minimal visibility into the purpose of calls before they were answered or sent to a single voicemail box.

VirtualPBX Dash entered the picture with the promise that an Automated Attendant feature, Call Forwarding and Transferring, and multiple Voicemail boxes could alleviate the strain on the single-line phone system. Callers would have the opportunity to choose a destination — graphic design department, video production, or Cowork inquiries — and be immediately forwarded to an appropriate contact.

VirtualPBX works well for businesses of all sizes (one-person shops to enterprises) precisely because it can grow with customers’ needs. It can start small and be used in a simple fashion like Mind & Mill has done. And it can remain affordable throughout periods of growth, offering basic but powerful features to all customers and enterprise additions to companies that need them most.

VirtualPBX’s role with Mind & Mill allowed Mauldin spread inbound calls to employees who are best able to help each customer.

“The Auto Attendant helps me gather information about the caller,” Mauldin said. “At a minimum, we know what type of service they need.”

“It was super easy getting started, and it’s been a terrific system since we began.”

Dash Into the Future

Throughout his interview with VirtualPBX, Mauldin was clear about what he always wanted from a phone system: “I don’t want to have to think about it,” he said.

He wants a phone system that works well enough that it becomes nearly invisible in its functions. It shouldn’t need constant monitoring or daily tweaks in configuration.

It should, foremost, work well for customers and lead them to the proper destinations. Then it should provide Mind & Mill with enough information and visibility into calls that they can give customers the exact information they need.

Google Voice appeared to fall short of that mark. Its single destination to Mauldin’s phone offered enough for Mind & Mill to get started, but it didn’t expand in the way that VirtualPBX service could.

VirtualPBX has created a Business Phone System that supports its users and their customers from the moment of installation. It’s quick to install — under five minutes in many cases — and has features to support small-and-growing businesses to large enterprises.

Mind & Mill has found its way with Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail and will always have access to more advanced features, should they become necessary. For now, the system is working as invisibly as Mauldin and his crew desires.

Mauldin wanted phone service that let him focus on his work. “It has been exactly that,” he said.

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