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The Future is Here – CES 2016 & Routers for Business

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The Future is Here – CES 2016 & Routers for Business

Futuristic Routers For BusinessDo you remember images of concept cars from the Atomic Age? The vision of the future back then was filled with spaceship styling and Jetson’s amenities. What’s truly incredible about expositions where science is heading or could take us is that often times the result is something so fantastic it’s difficult to even wrap our heads around. The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is much like the futuristic auto shows of the 50’s and 60’s, but it’s safe to say the style of things to come has changed significantly.

Astro Couldn’t Chase These Cars

Long gone are the days of bubble cabs and exaggerated fins, today it’s all about low profile speed. What remains a big part of CES 2016 is that, like most trade shows, it highlights the biggest, brawniest, and most intelligent advancements in virtually every area of our lives and businesses. Unfortunately, many of the products that are displayed at this and other expos are still unattainable for many people due to cost, availability, or production challenges. But not all of them.

Netgear Nighthawk

No, that’s not the password to get into some awesome after-hours nightclub, it’s the name of one of the most advanced family of routers in the world and it just introduced it’s newest addition at CES 2016. Being heralded as the one router that could eliminate lag from your browsing and streaming experience, the new Netgear Nighthawk X4S 6200 is one of the gems of CES 2016 so far. If that weren’t enough, the new 6200 retains the aggressive, evocative styling of the Nighthawk family is known for. While these new models are also subject to the hit-and-miss availability that plagues most shiny new “it” products, the good thing is that we’ve included Nighhawk routers in our recommended routers for business listings and came prepared to handle the boost in popularity they now enjoy. I’d love to be cliché and say that we’ve been into the Nighthawk router since way before it was cool, but it has always been cool.

If you’re ready to rocket your company’s network into a whole new level of speed, you can begin right now. Start by making sure you have the right routers for business, review your bandwidth performance, and to totally optimize your cloud-based business tools a complete Network Health Check is the best investment to make in ensuring that you’re getting everything you can out of your connection. Still have questions? Schedule a completely personalized and always free guided tour through the world of network optimization and take the first step towards slapping some fins and a bubble cab onto your own business.

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