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Try Our Per-Minute Plans for Your Bootstrapping Startup

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Try Our Per-Minute Plans for Your Bootstrapping Startup

Man Offering Handshake - Give Your Bootstrapping Startup Access to an Affordable Phone SystemIf you’re in a bootstrapping startup or similar business position, it could be time to consider using a lightweight phone plan if you haven’t already.

Perhaps you use your personal smartphone as your business contact. Or maybe you don’t have a phone contact at all. Our new Per Minute Plans work well for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses that want to get started with an affordable phone system.

Per Minute Plans let you keep your personal and business lives separate, and they open a number of avenues for marketing and customer interaction that may not have been previously available to you.

Entrepreneurs and Customer Reach

Many bootstrapping startups are, by definition, beginning to pull themselves into public awareness, so they often rely on services like chatbots because they’re easy to set up and (often) offer free plans. This gives startup businesses flexibility because they can try multiple similar tools at once.

However, while online chat services work well, they’re constrained in their scope because they can’t reach offline and don’t offer the same type of personal assistance found in a one-to-one voice conversation. We know you’re already doing great with cost-effective communications platforms, but we also know that affordable doesn’t have to mean limited. You can easily step up your game with the addition of business voice service.

VirtualPBX Voicemail InterfaceThe VirtualPBX Minute 300 plan is only $9.99 and offers 300 minutes of calling. This is more than enough for startup businesses to get started. It also won’t break your bank while you receive professional business features like Voicemail and a dedicated Main Business Number, which are essential for establishing your business as a professional entity outside your personal identity.

Small Business Meetings

Small businesses may find their needs a bit different than entrepreneurs. They may desire features like Automated Attendant to route inbound callers to multiple owners or associates.

Bootstrapping startups may also find themselves having more frequent conversations with remote investors and company stakeholders, which will result in remote phone conferences.

With a VirtualPBX phone plan, investors can call and reach a business voicemail box instead of a personal one. They can also rely on you to establish audio conferences that are easy to reach. Personal phone plans don’t typically provide that kind of service, but Audio Conferencing on any VirtualPBX plan makes it easy to share a conference phone number and room number with as many participants as you need.

Bootstrapping Startups, Give Per Minute Plans a Try

If you’re bootstrapping your business, keep your priorities in order and invest in an affordable business phone plan from VirtualPBX. Our Per Minute Plans are affordable and scalable — letting you add unlimited users at no extra cost — so you can expand your operations without a second thought.

Our features help you present a professional image and keep your customers and investors connected to your operations.

Your customers want options when reaching out to you, so be ready with a professional phone system.

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