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Forward Calls to Your Cell Phone on VirtualPBX Per Minute Plans

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Forward Calls to Your Cell Phone on VirtualPBX Per Minute Plans

Mobile Phone Use - Forward Calls to Your Cell PhoneOne of the prominent reasons we created our new VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans is to give you an affordable way to forward calls to your cell phone.

Unlimited Minutes Plans start at only $9.99 per month and make a great fit for businesses that want to use their personal devices but maintain a separation between business and private life. Like our existing customer, The Marks Group, you too can have calls forwarded to your smartphone without giving up your personal cell number to any clients.

How does Call Forwarding work? Take a closer look in the following sections.

Permanent Call Forwarding

VirtualPBX Dash Call Forwarding MenuOur Dash platform is the online dashboard you’ll use when managing your VirtualPBX account. It lets you set up users on your account and manage their phone numbers. You can even list your smartphone number as your primary contact method through Call Forwarding.

Say you have a personal smartphone and a VirtualPBX account, but you don’t want to use a separate phone to take calls from all your customers. You only need to enter the settings for your user to find the Call Forwarding menu.

After entering your number, you can specify your preference for voicemails and whether or not you’ll see a caller’s original caller ID.

When you want to forward calls to your cell phone all the time, this is the option you need.

Failover Call Forwarding

Failover mode in our Call Forwarding feature lets you use another device on your plan as your primary phone. Callers will only then be call forwarded when your primary device is offline.

In the case of our VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans, we allow every user access to our Web Phone for no extra charge.

VirtualPBX Dash Failover Notification

You can choose to use the Web Phone as your primary device. Then, when you’ve selected Failover Mode in your Call Forwarding settings, inbound calls will only reach your smartphone when your Web Phone is offline. Otherwise, calls will always go to your Web Phone.

When you move between devices but sometimes need to forward calls to your cell phone, this option works well because individuals are automatically call forwarded depending on your status.

Pick Unlimited Minutes Plans to Forward Calls to Your Cell Phone

Our Unlimited Minutes Plans help you save money by digging into the types of features that best fit our customers. These plans adapt well to entrepreneurs and business that don’t complete many outbound calls.

You can select the number of included minutes (300, 500, 1000) that fit your needs and forward calls for control and mobility. And if you ever need to upgrade, our more advanced plans are always available and our per-minute rates set the industry standard.

Ready to begin forwarding calls? Speak to a VirtualPBX Sales representative today.

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