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Add a Business Phone Line for Strong Customer Support

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Add a Business Phone Line for Strong Customer Support

Man Speaking on Headset - Add a Business Phone LineIt’s possible that, as your small business support services have grown, your platforms have remained limited to online chat. You need to add a business phone line to prop up that online presence.

Although online chat services can get your support off the ground, they work best when paired with other forms of communication. If you combine online chat with a phone service like our VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans, however, you can create a full-featured package for customers to reach your business in any way they prefer.

Easily Add a Business Phone Line

Business phone lines are easy to add and affordable to keep.

All tiers of our Per Minute Plans come with at least one phone number included in your service package. This means that, in a matter of minutes, you can move beyond your personal cellular number as a primary business contact.

VirtualPBX Web PhoneMany small business owners play double duty with their personal numbers. They keep their smartphones as private devices, but they open up those same phone numbers to customers and stakeholders. It’s certainly easy to take that route; it just doesn’t have staying power when the number of calls begins to overwhelm owners.

Adding a business phone line with a VirtualPBX Per Minute Plan gives small businesses instant access to features like Auto Attendant that can help them route calls — perhaps routing those calls to the Web Phone or forwarding calls to a personal smartphone.

Local or Toll-Free Numbers

You may already be in the position where your small business owns a local phone number.

In that case, you may want to keep your existing number and port it to your Per Minute Plan. Then you can choose a toll-free number as your included number.

Both numbers would then be in service for your account. You could make use of the toll-free number for national expansion and reserve the local number for other contacts. Marketing efforts could also rely on one of the numbers to show where traffic is arriving from.

For any number you choose to port in, it always comes at no extra charge on any VirtualPBX Phone Plan.

It’s Easy to Add a Business Phone Line

You don’t have to struggle to get started with a business phone line. Your small business can be operational with a new VirtualPBX Per Minute Plan with a quick call to our Sales department.

We’ll help you pick from a Minute 300, Minute 500, or Minute 1000 plan that includes the number of minutes you need to effectively run your business and keep in touch with callers. There’s never any pressure to buy, and we’d be happy to give you a Free Demo so you can see everything we offer in our phone plans.

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