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How to Get Your Free Auto Attendant Right Now from VirtualPBX

free auto attendantArguably, there are some promotional deals that are more attractive than others. Some of us at VirtualPBX are keen on Taco Bell’s “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” promo. This is where the entire country (you read that correctly) can get a free taco at participating Taco Bell locations if the visiting team “steals” a base during the World Series. The attraction to free tacos is palpable, obviously, but the problem with this is that free crunchy goodness doesn’t come your way unless a group of athletes halfway across the country out-preform another group of talented athletes. And herein lies the problem. Whether it’s free-ish tacos or massive “savings” on airline baggage fees with the purchase of a subscription package, companies rarely offer premium features or products for anything short of, well, a premium. Rarely, that is. Because VirtualPBX hosted business phone plans are some of the longest-running and most comprehensive unified communications options available on the market, they boast an array of premium features that are included with even the most affordable VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans. Because there are literally dozens of features that other service providers would charge extra for that would take too long to go over one-by-one, we’ll focus one of the most popular of all, the totally free Auto Attendant.

There Really Is Such a Thing as a Free Auto Attendant!

As we mentioned, every VirtualPBX Phone Plan comes with a host of valuable and time-saving features. And though some premium offerings like Salesforce CRM Integrations and ACD Queues are available, no VirtualPBX service comes without at least a free Auto Attendant. The Auto Attendant is one of the perennial favorites among our customers and has been for ages. In fact, early versions of the free Auto Attendant came on legacy business VoIP platforms that we operated years ago and it was an immediate success from the start. Since then, and like all of our products and services, the Auto Attendant has received successions of updates and improvements, all of which have combined to bring it to companies in its most advanced state yet. And in spite of all of the award-winning advancements the VirtualPBX engineers have applied to and all of the other features along the way, Auto Attendant has stayed (and will remain) completely free and included in every VirtualPBX account.

What’s so Special About a Free Auto Attendant?

Well, other than the obvious, “free,” part of that question, there really is a lot a company can do with an Auto Attendant that makes it so popular. Any virtual receptionist can answer a call and shoot the caller to voicemail, but the free Auto Attendant from VirtualPBX can perform any one of a litany of Call Answering Services. Being able to customize the inbound caller’s journey with specific greetings, audio of your choosing (including professional greetings and on-hold music), send callers to any department or individual, and the ability even change all of those aspects to accommodate night/day or office hours is all just a fraction of the functions that can be performed by an Auto Attendant. And sure, Auto Attendant is included for free in the native feature set of a VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan, there’s no way you can get into one of those for free, right? Wrong! In fact, between our 15-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, and the chance to preview our Phone System for free, you really can try it before you buy it. It may not be as tasty, but try doing that with a taco!