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Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX: When Free Actually Means Free

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Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX: When Free Actually Means Free

free web phone from virtualpbxThere has been a lot of talk lately about the “freemium” business model that many popular apps have to entice users. Rightfully so, too. In the light of the fallout that came from the recent illumination into the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica privacy violations, the topic of what free actually means in the internet era has taken more of priority for many. This event struck such a chord with the public because tens of millions of Facebook users learned their personal information was used in direct violation of their understanding of the platform’s privacy agreement. Additionally, the social media site’s other billion-plus users were dismayed to learn that they had unknowingly been allowing their friends’ applications to mine their own data regardless of what the privacy settings they had chosen for themselves were. Basically, the net result here (in addition to a Congressional hearing for mister Mark Zuckerberg, himself) is that the saying that, “If the product is free that’s because you’re the product,” rings truer now in the minds of internet users than ever before. This is where we’d like to suggest that, though there are some suspiciously good deals out there to be wary of, every now and then you can come across one that actually holds water, too. Specifically, the all new and free Web Phone from VirtualPBX is our gift to the VoIP community in that it’s our very first, completely free VoIP phone option.

How Can a Free Web Phone Actually Be Free?

At this point, a healthy level of skepticism about anything free, especially in the tech space, isn’t out of line at all. What makes the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX so special is that we’ve built it ourselves, in-house. Using the open-source WebRTC (Web-based real-time calling) platform and leveraging our decades of hosted telecom expertise, we were able to construct a nimble, clean, and simple VoIP phone that we can offer to our customers. Plus, because we built it ourselves, there’s no licensing fee that users need to pay to third-party developers. Additionally, all of our work is already completed and because it’s a digital property, it’s not like we have inventory to pay off or anything. That’s why we get to offer the completely free Web Phone to all of our customers without a moment’s hesitation. And maybe you caught the only catch in that sentence, but it’s only free to our customers. The VirtualPBX Web Phone could theoretically manage all hosted communications for any user, anywhere. But because we want to continue building value for our VoIP users, the VirtualPBX Web Phone is exclusively available to users on a Dash VoIP Service Agreement.

How Does a Free Web Phone Work?

The way the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX works for Dash VoIP users is identical to how any VoIP phone works on Dash. That is, minus the cost of buying it, of course. Either way, Dash customers can get access to the free Web Phone for all of their users and whenever it’s used, the only cost is that the minutes are drawn from whatever pool of minutes that account has. Plus, because the VirtualPBX Web Phone works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and is totally supported by our engineers according to our exacting standards, it can be operated on literally any web-enabled device, tablet, or telephone. That’s the kind of flexibility and service that VirtualPBX customers have come to expect, and it’s also proof that the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX is the one time when free, actually means free. Switching to VirtualPBX is easier than you think, too, and if you take advantage of this limited time offer, you can switch to VoIP on VirtualPBX and save!

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