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Now and then, we pick up an industry award for our hard work in the communications market. Sometimes we give away phones! Find our wins, and what you can win, in these posts.

Claim Your Free Holiday Voicemail Greetings Today

Get Your Holiday Voicemail Greetings With the Snap Recordings Gift BoxVirtualPBX has partnered with Snap Recordings for the 2019 season of giving. We’re excited to offer you a holiday voicemail greetings pack and 20% off your next order with Snap.

You can download the Holiday Message Gift Box at this link. Then look for the Holiday Message Guide and the coupon code (“HOLIDAYVPBX”) to claim your 20% discount. Claim your Gift Box before Jan. 07, 2020 to take advantage of this value-packed promotion!

These holiday greetings can be used with any VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan. And future orders for voicemail messages, on-hold prompts, and Auto Attendant scripts can be used with those plans too.

Holiday Message Gift Box Contents

Here’s what you get for free from Snap Recordings:

  • 12 total holiday messages
  • 6 female-voiced messages and 6 male-voiced messages
  • 4 greetings for each gender expressing “Seasons Greetings,” “Merry Christmas,” and more
  • 2 voicemail greetings – holiday-themed

You can use the provided messages in any way you choose. The variation in messages caters to the needs of all businesses, whether or not they wish to refer to Christmas or only to the holidays in general.

Each message has been created by the professional staff at Snap Recordings. The same polish that adorns these messages are a reflection of what you’ll see in future greetings you order from them.

Take 20% Off Your Next Order

Following the holidays, you’ll probably want to change your Automated Attendant and voicemail boxes once more. The holiday voicemail greetings pack will only get you through the end of the year.

This is why VirtualPBX and Snap have offered you 20% off your next order of greetings. Just use the coupon code “HOLIDAYVPBX” during your online checkout.

Or Do It Yourself!

Snap Recordings ChecklistIf none of the above options meets your needs, you can always record your own messages. Snap gets you started with that project as well.

You can download the Holiday Message Checklist alongside your free holiday greetings. Snap helps you make your holiday messaging checklist and check it twice.

It asks basic questions like, “Are your holiday hours mentioned up front?” to ensure that your custom greetings are effective at addressing your customers. Then it gives you multiple holiday voicemail greetings and auto attendant greeting examples from which to draw inspiration.

You can fill in each example’s blanks with your own company name and phone number. Or simply use them as a spark for creativity.

Have a Great Holiday

From all of us at VirtualPBX, we hope you have a great holiday.

Don’t work too hard. Enjoy the season and maybe a few extra cookies. Just don’t forget to set your holiday voicemail greetings and auto attendant messages first.

And don’t forget to take advantage of this promotion by Jan. 07, 2020.

Polycom Rebate Program 2019 Ends Dec. 31st!

Polycom VVX 300 - Polycom Rebate ProgramYour business could save up to $60 per device this holiday season with the Polycom Rebate Program.

If you trade in your old desk phones, you can get rebates for multiple desk phones and conference phones available through the VirtualPBX store.

Polycom phones work with VirtualPBX Phone Plans, but you don’t need to be a VirtualPBX customer to participate. You only need to purchase 5 or more Polycom phones and match each purchased phone with an eligible trade-in. Visit PolyRebate.com to register for your rebate, and visit VirtualPBX to purchase your new models.

Rebate Conditions

The Polycom Rebate Program 2019 isn’t stringent with its conditions. You only need to find out which phones you want to purchase and the hardware that’s available for trade-in.

Two broad categories of phones are represented in the program:

  • Polycom SIP Handsets, including base models in the VVX 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 series, and the Soundstation IP 5000
  • Skype for Business Handsets, including VVX models labeled as the Skype for Business versions

Official program details are available at this link. The following sections here cover the basics.

Polycom SIP Handsets

Polycom VVX 400This is the category of the phones listed in the VirtualPBX Store.

To claim the rebate, you only need to purchase and match, as a trade-in, at least 5 eligible phones. Trade-ins can be Polycom phones and competitors’ phones. Polycom states the criteria as follows.

Eligible competitors phones include “any working business grade desktop phone from a vendor other than Polycom.”

Eligible Polycom phones include “all Polycom SoundPoint IP phones, SoundStation Conference phones, Polycom CX500, CX600, CX300, and VVX Series — noting that all Polycom equipment must have been purchased over one year ago to be eligible for rebate.”

Polycom Skype for Business Handsets

Similarly, phones in the Skype for Business category are available for a rebate upon purchase when at least 5 models are purchased and replaced with an appropriate trade-in.

Eligible trade-ins for these models do not include competitors’ devices. Polycom lists the eligible phones as “all Polycom SoundPoint IP phones, SoundStation Conference phones, Polycom CX500, CX600, CX3000, and VVX Series phones” — again noting that “all Polycom equipment must have been purchased over one year ago to be eligible for rebate.”

Polycom Rebate Program 2019

Polycom SoundStation IP 5000The Polycom Rebate Program only lasts until the end of the year. Use of any rebates need to be complete by Dec. 31, 2019.

This could be a great opportunity for your business to refresh its collection of devices. Models like the Polycom VVX 301 are affordable enough for small or medium-size businesses that want to outfit their office rooms. The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 can bring together entire teams in a single meeting room – great for distributed businesses and conference calls with stakeholders.

Your reason for a refresh is your own. But the immediacy of the rebate program is definitive. Collect your aging devices by the end of the year to gain discounts on an armful of new phones.

VirtualPBX Wins 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year

2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award LogoVirtualPBX is happy to announce its winning of the 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award from INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine and WebRTC World.

This marks the second consecutive year that the VirtualPBX Web Phone has been recognized for its excellence in browser-based communications.

Advancing the WebRTC Market

As in past years, the 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award highlights the products that companies have developed for use in a broad range of communications activities.

Other recognized organizations include those that have built a visual interpreter for the blind and online meeting spaces.

VirtualPBX Web Phone Promo VideoVirtualPBX addresses its business communications audience with Web Phone, which was recently released as Version 2.0. The upgraded version improves upon the essential telephone functions that were available in the initial version.

Now customers of the VirtualPBX Business Phone System can use Web Phone to take and transfer calls, access individual user’s address books and call history, manage voicemail, and access the VirtualPBX Status Site through an updated desktop and mobile interface.

Further additions, including Texting (SMS) capability and CRM Integration are forthcoming as Web Phone features.

2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Reactions

VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker expressed his excitement about the award win and spoke further on the extensibility of the Web Phone as a platform that will continue to evolve to meet customer demands.

“Winning the 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year is an excellent comment on how hard the VirtualPBX team has worked to bring Web Phone into its current state,” Baker said.

“It was a great phone to begin with. Now, with Version 2.0, it’s even better because of its extensive set of core features. We’re all looking forward to additions like SMS and CRM that will help our customers make the most of their phone plans.”

The free, full-featured Web Phone comes with every VirtualPBX Phone Plan and runs on Chrome and Firefox browsers. It can compliment a host of office phones or work as a user’s primary phone on their computer or smartphone.

Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO, noted that innovation in the communications market helped the award winners stand out.

“It gives me great pleasure to honor VirtualPBX as a 2019 recipient of the WebRTC Product of the Year Award,” Tehrani said. “Our judges were very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by VirtualPBX in their groundbreaking work on the Web Phone.”

Innovation and continued effort will allow future Web Phone releases to continue to improve and, perhaps, reach future awards milestones like this year’s.

Earn Rewards While Advocating for VirtualPBX: The All-New Customer Referral Program

Referral ProgramVirtualPBX always has its ear to the ground with the latest and greatest in emerging technologies. That’s why we have so many happy customers! Because of that, we want to make it as easy as possible to allow our community to share their satisfaction with their peers.

We are pleased to introduce the all-new, VirtualPBX Customer Referral Program.

Earn Rewards With Our Customer Referral Program

Here are VirtualPBX, we make it easy to sign up. You can have your entire Dash business phone system ready and running in a matter of minutes! So why not make it easy for our amazing community of customers to share their great experience with their coworkers and friends while also earning rewards in the process?

Becoming an advocate in easy! All you need to do is fill out a form to get your very own customer referral code to offer your friends and then watch the rewards come in. Here’s what those rewards will look like:

Number Of Users1 User2-10 Users11-50 Users51-100 Users101+ Users
Reward Bonus$25$50$100$300$600

Redeem Your Gift Card Through TangoCard

Referral ProgramOnce someone uses your referral code to sign up for VirtualPBX, you will be notified immediately. Then, once they have completed their onboarding process, you will receive an email from our rewards partner, TangoCard, will a voucher to redeem a gift card of your choosing! What’s more? We understand that being a part of the VirtualPBX community is much more than just “making money”, so if you choose to not accept a reward for referring, there are tons of option with TangoCard to instead donate your reward to a charity of your choosing.

Start Advocating Today!

Are you excited to jump right into advocating for VirtualPBX? Check out our Referral Program page to get started and you will be well on your way to sharing all that VirtualPBX has to offer with your very own Customer Referral Code.

Happy advocating!

Get Ready for Our End of Summer Cleanup

VirtualPBX Dash Dashboard - Get Ready for Our End of Summer Cleanup SaleAre you ready for a months-long sale? We’re certainly ready to bring you one. Our End of Summer Cleanup is here!

Each of the coming Fall months will have their own deals related to our Dash Business Phone System and its accessories.

Begin this month with discounts at all levels of our phone system. Save in October on our integration with Zapier. And close out the season with special pricing on desk phones, conference phones, and other essential hardware.

Starting in September

Save on Business Phone Plans

We’ve hit the ground running by offering discounts on all our Dash Business Phone Plans.

When you sign up for a new plan, you’ll save $2 on Basic, $3 on Essentials, $4 on Advanced, and $5 on Essentials for every user on your account, every month, for the life of your account. It can save you hundreds in the months and years you stick with VirtualPBX.

Dash offers many useful features businesses of all sizes:

  • Automated Attendant lets incoming callers easily reach your employees
  • Ring Groups help you link individuals in separate departments and give groups their own extensions
  • Enterprise add-ons like Call Recording and CRM Integration give you the power to capture important customer conversations and essential information

Save on Polycom Phones

Choose your plan and choose your discount. Then take advantage of the Polycom Rebate Program that offers a rebate from $10-60 per phone when you upgrade five or more phones.

Anyone is eligible for the Polycom Rebate Program. But Dash customers will save even more with their discount in the VirtualPBX Store.

Don’t wait. Discounts on our Dash Plans last only through September. And rebates for Polycom phones are only issued through Dec. 31, 2019.

End of Summer Cleanup in Oct. & Nov.

Our End of Summer Cleanup lets you first get Dash at a reduced rate. Don’t wait to sign up!

Once you’re settled in, we want to give you the opportunity to improve your office automation through Zapier and extend your office phone access through savings on additional VoIP hardware. Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming details about the deals you can expect in October and November.

The next few months will see many businesses picking up steam as they head into the biggest sales months of the year. It’s no different for us. We’re just starting the sales season a bit early.

VirtualPBX End of Summer Cleanup Banner