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Webinar Recap: Remote Work Tips and Tricks

Remote Work Tips and TricksIf you’ve ever thought that remote employees are less productive, out of contact, or struggle to communicate with management and colleagues, then we have a surprise for you. Studies show that all of these commonly held assumptions about remote workers are actually untrue. These are just a few of the myths we dispelled in the Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Though the data presented in the webinar sufficiently disproves the misconceptions about remote workers and their productivity, we’ve taken it one step further. The virtual workplace landscape is constantly changing and adding more remote workers all the time, but many of these team aren’t fully prepared for all of the aspects of a telecommuting workforce. This webinar was designed specifically for remote teams seeking remote-centric productivity tips, communication tools, and best practices for building a sustainable team.

Our Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar Mission

We set out to close the gap between grassroots remote workers, introduce the best practices of our own seasoned remote team, and help all organizations with their telecommuting efforts. We’re in a unique position to advocate this mission because we practice what we preach. All of our employees have worked remotely and a majority regularly telecommute at least once a week. We pride ourselves on our innovative and proprietary cloud-based communication tools, so much so that we use them ourselves to add flexibility to our attendance policy. It was with that credibility that we wanted to present all of our experinces as a benefit to companies interested in maximizing the impact of their remote employees.

No Webinar Spoilers

While we could just spill the beans and list our best tips and tricks here, there’s no fun in that! Plus, we’re not big fans of spoilers, anyway. That’s why, if you’ve got about 15-20 minutes to spare, you can get our full webinar that covers employer and employee benefits, the tools we use, and remote work best practices.

Watch the Webinar Now

We’ve saved the recording for you, and you can watch the full webinar now to get your fix of remote work tips and tricks. If you have any questions after watching the recording, feel free to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just tag us with your question, and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Consider us your personal remote work resource from now on!

If you’re interested in taking your remote team to the next level with an award-winning cloud-based business phone system – start with a Dash 14-day free trial and discover the benefits for yourself!

Virtual Meetings – Join the Remote Working Webinar From Anywhere

virtual meetingsAs you may recall, the countdown is on for our VirtualPBX Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar, and that means that seats are filling up fast. Or, to be more accurate, there aren’t actually any seats to speak of, but people are registering. The nature of webinars is that, similar to Audio Conferencing that allows people to contribute to meetings from anywhere in the world, our webinar is understandably drawing attention from all corners of the globe. We are thrilled to have seen such a positive response from our audience, many of whom are Digital Nomads, or professionals who world purely from satellite locations and often change their settings constantly. Virtual meetings are gaining popularity with more than just Digital Nomads, though, as more and more companies are offering creative ways to grow audiences for their events.

Virtual Meetings For Both Startups & Massive Enterprises

We’re modestly proud of the turnout we expect for our upcoming webinar. It turns out that specifically addressing many of the soft skills that go into developing a cohesive corporate culture and identity even when employees aren’t centralized in a single office is a compelling topic in today’s world. But it’s not just private companies that leverage the benefits of virtual meetings. Just this week, in fact, Facebook held their annual F8 summit, the majority of which was available to attend for free via livestream technology similar to the core of what our webinar is powered by. Google, Apple, and the complete list of “who’s who” in the tech industry all broadcast their major trade shows and keynotes via similar virtual meetings, as well. And it’s not just technology companies that use virtual meetings, either. Over the past decade, more publically traded companies of all industries have opted to conduct their quarterly earnings calls over web-based virtual meetings rather than over traditional telephone conferences.

The Benefits of Virtual Meetings

In addition to the immediacy of being able to host a virtual meeting with distributed teams at the drop of a hat, the cost savings over holding an in-person equivalent are staggering. Webinars are also some of the most cost-effective practices available to educate and evangelize for products and services, regardless of the size of the company hosting them. One challenge that is often overlooked by companies that make the shift into a virtual meeting strategy, however, is that there are more than just technical knowledge barriers to executing a virtual strategy well. Conveniently, the webinar we’re hosting next Wednesday specifically addresses the soft skills that go into a virtual strategy. The advantages of adopting a virtual strategy for a business communications platform, a meeting strategy, and even just from a more flexible working schedule point of view are boundless, but only if it’s executed in a sustainable and conscientious way. Sign up now
to join in on the conversation about how to ensure that execution is seamless at your company. And remember to join in adding your questions to the list of specifics we’ll address during the event on Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll look forward to virtually seeing you then!

Set Your International Clocks for the Remote Working Webinar

Remote Work Tips and TricksIt’s that time again! We’ve been away from the webinar game for a while, but we’re back and better than ever with news on the next in the growing pantheon of webinar greatness we began building years ago. This latest installment, the VirtualPBX Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar, comes complete with a cadre of soft skill suggestions for working away from the office that often goes overlooked. Sure, we have plenty of tools to talk about that makes the ability to work remotely possible, though many of the other factors about working remotely that we’ll be discussing aren’t as immediately evident. So mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 10:00 Pacific time.

The Work in Remote Working You Don’t Know About

We are fortunate to help thousands of businesses switch from a traditional in-office setting to a more flexible, more affordable, and more rewarding flexible setting each year. In addition to offering a variety of VoIP products and Network Services that enable these companies get started, we have found an increasing number of them need help in preparing for other areas, too. Specifically, many companies who have never been in the situation where they need to maintain a strong corporate culture and establish new, distance-working policies on productivity and attendance are often a bit of a loss on where to begin. That is precisely the type of topic our VirtualPBX Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar is going to cover!

Help Us Make the Remote Working Webinar Conversation Great

Here’s your chance to contribute to making our Remote Working Webinar the best is can be by guiding the topics we cover. Of course, you can ask questions live and during the event itself, but you can also begin submitting your questions and topics of interest now through our Twitter and Facebook profiles. Simply tag us with your question and not only will we be happy to offer you an answer right away, we can make sure to include added information on the topic on the 26th, too! Plus, it should go without saying that we’re available for your hosted communications and remote working questions 365 days a year, too.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to reserve your seat to the 2017 VirtualPBX Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar!

Remote Working Webinar

“Unbelievable VoIP Products!” Coming Clean for April Fool’s Day

unbelievable voip april fools dayWell, that was a fun weekend, wasn’t it? If you haven’t yet seen them, over the weekend we release five, brand-new VoIP Hardware Products that were, if nothing else, truly unbelievable. Truly. Because they were all, of course, totally and completely made up. It was just another bit of fun from our team that has made a habit of having a bit of fun at our own expense. These products below, though, represent an investment in tomfoolery and shenanigans that is even a big step for us. Which is really saying a lot, frankly.

Tin Cup Phone 5000
Tin Cup Phone 5000
Aero One Advanced Transfers
aero one
Scent Tracker Call Forwarding
scent tracker
Plinko Board for Call Distribution
Plinko Call Distribution Board for ACD Queues by VirtualPBX
Jar on a Wall Teleconferencing
Jar On A Wall

Really, REALLY Unbelievable

Of course, we never expected anyone would for a second believe that we would begin selling paper airplanes or cans and string, but we did generate some buzz about the release that gained some positive traction beforehand. With some of the fun coverage we gained, we were excited to see our joke was going to have an audience, but we were also a bit anxious because ever since we launched a public Product Roadmap, we’ve had an increase in customer participation with product development. Not wanting to chill that enthusiasm that some of our customers have for our product release timeline, we were careful to contact everyone who signed-up for the “unbelievable news” shortly after to thank them for their good sportsmanship. Fortunately, all of the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and that’s what this was really all about.

Changing the VoIP Game, Again

We’ve been operating on the cutting edge of hosted telephony for business for basically as long as it has been available, and that’s where we like it. Recently, though, finding game-changing advances in technology have been as much about new technology as it has been about finding better ways to interact with it. Certainly, an advanced UI/UX for our award-winning Dash Plans was one of the most disruptive, and entirely necessary, advances telecom has seen in years. This is the same creativity that we wanted to lean on for our April Fool’s Day fun this weekend. Because as long as communications will become more accessible for all employees and not just for the IT engineering community that we partner so closely with, we’re going to work to increase our appeal to larger groups of people. And plus, who doesn’t like a little April Fool’s Day fun, right?

So what do you think? Did we do it right? Do you like our prank or were you disappointed that you couldn’t buy a righteous Plinko board? Let us know by sharing your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll be sure to take it seriously. Seriously.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

3 Ways to Get All the Pie on Pi Day, Even if You’re Working

Pi DayWe at VirtualPBX love what we do, and when you enjoy your work, every day is a good day. Some days, however, receive an extra special amount of recognition, and this week has one such exception. In honor of possibly the most important and compelling figure in all of mathematics, Tuesday, March 14 (3/14), is internationally recognized as Pi Day. While the focus on tomorrow’s festivities happens to be mostly on celebrating math and STEM education, there are also businesses that leverage the day’s attention, as well. Specifically, dessert counters and pizza parlors are playfully offering deals on the homophonic nature of Pi Day by offering discounts on slices of their own “pies.” And while we’re 100% in support of emphasizing the importance of mathematics in education, let’s face it, a bunch of deals on pie is motivation enough to get out of the office for a bit. And with that in mind, we’ve offered these three steps to maximizing your productivity while you’re also maximizing your pie consumption.

3 Ways to Get All the Pie on Pi Day

When you tell me there’s a deal on pie all day long, I don’t need to be asked to join because I’m already half way out the door. For others, though, they might want to get some more details first. Before you begin your unofficial pie scavenger hunt, take to Twitter or your local Rotary Club and learn what businesses in the area are running a promotion. Once you have your itinerary outlined, it’s time to hit the streets and let the fun begin! But as a public service announcement, it’s important that this is a day founded on more than just a love of flaky pastry and pizza dough. Again, only because our engineering team was so diligent with their math homework back in the day are we able to use these tools to get out of the office. But that being said, they didn’t design these cool remote-working features to not be used, right? That’s what we thought, too. Anyway, once you’re ready to begin, this is how we suggest you proceed.

  1. Cover Your Absence – Whenever you need to step out of the office, be it for pie or a doctor’s appointment, it’s always important to make sure people know you’re gone. Ideally, you’ll even have someone covering you while you’re away, too. When that isn’t an option, we suggest you employ an Auto Attendant to automatically field and direct all of the calls you might miss while you’re away.
  2. Stay Connected to the Office While You’re Out – For when the above isn’t an option or also isn’t enough to absolve you of responsibility for when you are out stuffing your face, you may need to still be available. You can do that a few ways, but if you don’t want to share your personal mobile number with inbound callers on your voicemail, or if you need to actually still appear to be in the office, an advanced call forwarding system like Follow Me Calling will automatically forward all your calls to any mobile device (or hardline to your favorite bistro, even!) that you desire!
  3. Pick Your Battles – As unexciting as it is to admit, sometimes you just can’t justify leaving work, surprisingly, not even for pie! For those unfortunate situations, it’s good to remember that delivery services are often available that will bring Pi Day to you, or for those deals that are so good that they are all, “In Store Only,” just take comfort in knowing they’ll probably be available for dinner after your shift, too. However, if you are able to just disconnect for the day, first let me congratulate you! Second, you probably don’t want work to get in the way of enjoying a bevy of baked goodness. If that’s the case, go ahead and flip on your automatic Do Not Disturb feature and make sure that nothing stands in the way of you and Pi Day celebrations.
  4. BONUS FOURTH STEP – There is no way this one should be overlooked, but it’s less of a step on how to enjoy Pi Day and more of a bit of advice on how to enjoy it correctly. It should go without saying that, no matter the circumstances, if you happen to step out or call in for a little slice of goodness on this Pi Day, make sure to get extra for everyone. Because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Pi Day, like all holidays, is meant to be shared. Plus, if nothing else, it’ll make that 3-hour lunch break you took be forgotten a lot sooner if you return with a few pastry boxes to share.

More than One Way to Slice the Pi

There you have it, this is the (un)official VirtualPBX Pi Day Celebration Guide! But we also know that no two Pi Days are alike, so make sure to let us know how yours goes on Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll make sure to do the same. Until then, have a productive day and Happy Pi Day!

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