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VirtualPBX – 20 Years Later and Still Going Strong

VoIP is Still Going StrongYou might recall that July is a big month for us. It was 20 years ago this month that an idea turned into an opportunity and that opportunity turned into an industry. Of course, we’re talking about our 20th Anniversary, which is a remarkable milestone for any business, and one that carries with it added significance for us as well. We’re not about to try and convince anyone that hitting two decades of service is any less momentous for one business over another, however, we do think it’s neat that our existence aligns perfectly with that of our very industry. Our founders were pioneers in the hosted telecom industry in that there hadn’t been any market for B2B VoIP service, primarily because they also pioneered the technology behind it. Building the platform for the core functionality of your business’ entire industry is impressive, but not being an organization to rest on our laurels, we’re keen to not just stop there. In fact, we’re still going strong with innovating new ways to solve business communications challenges, even before companies are aware of them.

Still Going Strong Down the Road

It’s not easy to build a company, much less an industry. What would be easy, though, is to take that kind of accomplishment and ride it off into the sunset. That’s not our style. Instead, we prefer to keep trudging the road to constantly shake things up and improve service and reliability for our customers. We’ve got so many projects in place to build improvements into our suite of communications tools that we actually have to triage them by priority and demand. You can see most of our current projects on our Product Road Map and, when combined with the biggest of our recent accomplishments, it’s safe to say that we’re definitely still going strong. Curious what not letting off the gas looks like? Take these recent releases below as examples-

  • Dash Business Phone Service Our current feature platform, Dash, is a firecracker. Built from scratch to resemble the simplest of consumer applications, the seamless design is still backed by the enterprise-grade technology that powers businesses all over the world. Barely a year old, Dash still continues to guide what direction the industry is going.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Our Customer Support Policy is one of the notches in our belt for which we’re most proud. It’s also one of the most contentious in the industry, however. With most of the industry charging premiums for live telephone support, and even more not hosting those teams domestically, our California-based, 24/7, 365 day support access comes free with every new and existing Dash account.
  • Big Awards, Bigger Competition We’ve been known to garner the praise of our competitors and the industry press, but we just last month won two of the biggest recognitions to date. By taking home a Gold and Bronze medal at the IT World Awards, we set a new high watermark by showing we can compete toe-to-toe with companies much larger than we are.

More to Come, and Coming in Hot!

Even with just a small selection of our most recent milestones, it’s easy to get a sense of the grandeur of what we want to accomplish. By keeping an eye on the updates to both our Product Road Map and our latest press releases, you’ll be the first to know about everything we’re working on next. However, because we’re keen on improving business communications, you can just sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the reader’s digest version sent right to your inbox. Either way, we’re thrilled to have made it to this point in our history and are looking forward to keeping going strong for another 20 years and then some!

July is VirtualPBX Anniversary Month And We’re Turning 20!

20th Anniversary Month

Let me take you back to a time when wide ties and shoulder pads were high fashion for men and Seinfeld still hadn’t aired its final season. The year was 1997, the place was San Francisco, and the man was none other than our founder, Stephen Lange. With a little imagination, a dash of inspiration, and one heck of a lot of hard work and ingenuity, Steve’s small band of telecom misfits set into motion the series of events that has created the VirtualPBX you know and (hopefully) love. Seeing as how the concept of a hosted business telephone service hadn’t even been attempted in 1997, to say that Steve was ahead of the curve is an understatement. As a result, the road has not been without it’s twists and turns along the way. But as you’ll see in the coming weeks as we unveil all of our Anniversary Month festivities, through perseverance and with the help of some key partnerships with other visionaries, Steve was able to build something that now hundreds of thousands of employees all over the world rely on to conduct business. We are VirtualPBX, and welcome to our story!

Enough to Fill More Than One Anniversary Month


In Silicon Valley, it feels sometimes that time moves at a greater pace, but the same can be said for many different places as well. That’s even more fuel to the fire of my point that, because our headquarters is in San Jose, and we have satellite offices or remote employees in virtually all of the big tech hubs across the world, it really does feel like time for us is measured in dog years. That said, looking back to our founding year, 1997, still revealed some incredible haircuts and personal fashion statements and we couldn’t resist collecting the employee photos to prove it. Check out our slideshow on the right for a glimpse – maybe it will spark some memories for you too!

Celebrate with us by Saving 20% on Dash!

We’re so excited to have reached this landmark that we couldn’t just leave the party to one day – we will be breaking down our birthday celebrations across the entire month of July and highlighting it with an unprecedented 20% off on all Dash Plans, add-ons, and phones in signup! If you’ve been waiting to test our latest, award-winning business phone system platform, act now! On Thursday, July 26th at midnight, 12:00 AM PST, the deal will be over. Consider this the unveiling of the wildest telecom bash you’ve ever heard of, and it’ll go all month long! Of course, we would be nowhere without a healthy dose of self-awareness, so take the term, “wildest telecom bash,” with a heavy portion of salt, and bear with us as we take you through a timeline of our company, and who knows? Maybe there will be some extra fun and prizes, too! The only way to find out, though, is to stay tuned during our Anniversary Month here and on our social channels, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Until the next time, however, enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage and help us get the celebration started!

Put on Your Dancing Shoes – Dash Wins 2 Medals at IT World Awards

2017 Network Product Guide IT world AwardsIt’s a pretty cool thing that we’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized for our products and services. When your customers, peers, and the industry’s media all agree that what you’re doing is worthwhile, it’s a confirmation that your hard work is well invested. Recently, however, we got a notice that really turned the traditional honor and pride that an award win brings with it paradigm right on its head. By winning a pair of medals at the Network Products Guide IT World Awards, we’ve reached a milestone for our premiere VoIP for business platform, Dash. So now that we’ve got these fancy new awards to celebrate, it’s time to dust off the dancing shoes because there’s also a gala affair to attend!

The Devil is in the Details

We’d never turn away any of our awards up until this point, but what makes these two wins noteworthy is the size of the field involved. Dash was put against the best communications products in the world, covering companies of all sizes and in categories well beyond business phone systems. In spite of that stiff competition, Dash walked away with a Gold for Best Communications Service and a Bronze for Best New Technology Product. Therefore, while we’re confident that each notch on our belts for industry recognition is one we would never deny, this one definitely marked a new level of accomplishment.

Why the Red Carpet Treatment?

As it turns out, these awards come with them an invite to one of the most exclusive events in Silicon Valley, too. The Network Product Guide’s 12th Annual IT World Awards gala affair will be a who’s-who of the communications technology industry. Held at in on of the “Big Four” hotels atop the posh and historic Nob Hill in San Francisco later this month, this event will be a memorable and extravagant affair. And that’s where it gets a bit tricky. The reality is, even sharing these awards is a bit of a debate internally because, while we’re plenty proud of our accomplishment, we didn’t get into this for praise. We are more interested in helping our customers launch, improve, or grow their businesses, and as cliché as it may sound to say it, their success is all the praise we need. So, truth be told, we might have to just take a raincheck on the fancy dinner and let some more dust collect on those dancing shoes. After all, we have plenty of more work ahead of us.

Thank you to everyone who trusts us to give them the very best in a business phone service. Your support is what makes all of these awards possible, and your endorsement is what makes the work worthwhile.

Webinar Recap: Remote Work Tips and Tricks

Remote Work Tips and TricksIf you’ve ever thought that remote employees are less productive, out of contact, or struggle to communicate with management and colleagues, then we have a surprise for you. Studies show that all of these commonly held assumptions about remote workers are actually untrue. These are just a few of the myths we dispelled in the Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Though the data presented in the webinar sufficiently disproves the misconceptions about remote workers and their productivity, we’ve taken it one step further. The virtual workplace landscape is constantly changing and adding more remote workers all the time, but many of these team aren’t fully prepared for all of the aspects of a telecommuting workforce. This webinar was designed specifically for remote teams seeking remote-centric productivity tips, communication tools, and best practices for building a sustainable team.

Our Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar Mission

We set out to close the gap between grassroots remote workers, introduce the best practices of our own seasoned remote team, and help all organizations with their telecommuting efforts. We’re in a unique position to advocate this mission because we practice what we preach. All of our employees have worked remotely and a majority regularly telecommute at least once a week. We pride ourselves on our innovative and proprietary cloud-based communication tools, so much so that we use them ourselves to add flexibility to our attendance policy. It was with that credibility that we wanted to present all of our experinces as a benefit to companies interested in maximizing the impact of their remote employees.

No Webinar Spoilers

While we could just spill the beans and list our best tips and tricks here, there’s no fun in that! Plus, we’re not big fans of spoilers, anyway. That’s why, if you’ve got about 15-20 minutes to spare, you can get our full webinar that covers employer and employee benefits, the tools we use, and remote work best practices.

Watch the Webinar Now

We’ve saved the recording for you, and you can watch the full webinar now to get your fix of remote work tips and tricks. If you have any questions after watching the recording, feel free to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just tag us with your question, and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Consider us your personal remote work resource from now on!

If you’re interested in taking your remote team to the next level with an award-winning cloud-based business phone system – start with a Dash 14-day free trial and discover the benefits for yourself!

Virtual Meetings – Join the Remote Working Webinar From Anywhere

virtual meetingsAs you may recall, the countdown is on for our VirtualPBX Remote Work Tips and Tricks Webinar, and that means that seats are filling up fast. Or, to be more accurate, there aren’t actually any seats to speak of, but people are registering. The nature of webinars is that, similar to Audio Conferencing that allows people to contribute to meetings from anywhere in the world, our webinar is understandably drawing attention from all corners of the globe. We are thrilled to have seen such a positive response from our audience, many of whom are Digital Nomads, or professionals who world purely from satellite locations and often change their settings constantly. Virtual meetings are gaining popularity with more than just Digital Nomads, though, as more and more companies are offering creative ways to grow audiences for their events.

Virtual Meetings For Both Startups & Massive Enterprises

We’re modestly proud of the turnout we expect for our upcoming webinar. It turns out that specifically addressing many of the soft skills that go into developing a cohesive corporate culture and identity even when employees aren’t centralized in a single office is a compelling topic in today’s world. But it’s not just private companies that leverage the benefits of virtual meetings. Just this week, in fact, Facebook held their annual F8 summit, the majority of which was available to attend for free via livestream technology similar to the core of what our webinar is powered by. Google, Apple, and the complete list of “who’s who” in the tech industry all broadcast their major trade shows and keynotes via similar virtual meetings, as well. And it’s not just technology companies that use virtual meetings, either. Over the past decade, more publically traded companies of all industries have opted to conduct their quarterly earnings calls over web-based virtual meetings rather than over traditional telephone conferences.

The Benefits of Virtual Meetings

In addition to the immediacy of being able to host a virtual meeting with distributed teams at the drop of a hat, the cost savings over holding an in-person equivalent are staggering. Webinars are also some of the most cost-effective practices available to educate and evangelize for products and services, regardless of the size of the company hosting them. One challenge that is often overlooked by companies that make the shift into a virtual meeting strategy, however, is that there are more than just technical knowledge barriers to executing a virtual strategy well. Conveniently, the webinar we’re hosting next Wednesday specifically addresses the soft skills that go into a virtual strategy. The advantages of adopting a virtual strategy for a business communications platform, a meeting strategy, and even just from a more flexible working schedule point of view are boundless, but only if it’s executed in a sustainable and conscientious way. Sign up now
to join in on the conversation about how to ensure that execution is seamless at your company. And remember to join in adding your questions to the list of specifics we’ll address during the event on Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll look forward to virtually seeing you then!

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