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VirtualPBX New Year Countdown: 4 Days Left to Transform Your Business Communication

New Year Countdown

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VirtualPBX New Year Countdown: 4 Days Left to Transform Your Business Communication

As we approach the final stretch of the VirtualPBX New Year Countdown, the excitement is palpable. With just four days left, it’s not too late to reshape your business phone system and set the stage for success in 2024.

Throughout December, we’ve been unveiling daily pro tips to help you achieve your communication goals and ensure your holiday promotions hit the mark. Plus, we’ve offered a limited-time offer all month long. If you’ve missed any of the previous few days while off on break, here’s a quick recap:

  • Outbound Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Auto Provisioning

Recapping the Countdown

New Year Countdown

Day 8: Outbound Caller ID - Elevate Your Professional Image

Boost your professional image with Outbound Caller ID. By displaying your company name during calls, you not only enhance credibility but also create a distinctive and memorable presence for your business. It’s time to upgrade your communication game.

Day 7: Ring Groups - Efficient Call Management for Small Businesses

Ring Groups allow businesses to categorize users and direct calls accordingly, offering callers the option to choose specific departments or categories. It’s a valuable tool for small businesses seeking efficient call management and improved customer experience.

Day 6: Auto Provisioning - Simplify Device Configuration

Auto Provisioning streamlines the process of adding and assigning devices in your VirtualPBX dashboard. VoIP phones from VirtualPBX can be pre-configured, saving you time and effort with just a few clicks.

Today's Topic: CRM Integrations

Transform Your Communication and Productivity with VirtualPBX CRM Integrations

Today’s focus is on CRM Integrations, a game-changer for business communication. VirtualPBX CRM Integrations enhance productivity by allowing seamless calls within the CRM interface, resulting in streamlined communication and a centralized customer database. Gaining quick access to customer information during conversations improves communication, saves time, and enables more efficient interactions. Plus, you can capture call data for insightful reports and make data-driven decisions effortlessly. We’re constantly adding native CRM integrations to our stack – including Salesforce, Clio, Zoho, Freshdesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Special Offer: Snap Recordings - Elevate Your Greetings

Snap Recordings is extending a special discount on their annual Phonzai Phone Plans. Enjoy cutting-edge AI functionalities for custom greetings, including text-to-speech, tone adjustments, proofreading, and music mixing. Visit the VirtualPBX partner page on SnapRecordings to save 20% through the end of the year!

Final Reminder: 10% Off VirtualPBX Flex, Pro, and Premier Business Phone Plans

To set your business up for success in the new year, we’re offering 10% off our top business phone plans – Flex, Pro, and Premier. Simply enter the promo code “countdown” during signup to receive 10% off your total for both monthly and yearly plans. Act fast as this promotion expires at midnight Pacific Time on December 31st!

Stay tuned for the remaining days of our VirtualPBX New Year Countdown, and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily updates and exclusive insights. It’s time to shape up your business communication for a prosperous 2024!

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