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Working With Wanderlust

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Working With Wanderlust

Working With Wanderlust in Fort BraggI hope this shortened week finds you well and that you’ve tuckered yourself out sufficiently with loads of barbecuing, park playing, and general Memorial Day weekend goodness. Fortunately, no matter where the festivities took you, working with wanderlust is possible as long as you’re equipped with a flexible hosted business phone system from VirtualPBX. As counterintuitive as it may seem, taking your work anywhere you want is the best way to get away from it all, and to get a head start on the fun.

Wherever You May Wonder

This past weekend I journeyed to nearly the northernmost part of California to take an extended backpacking trip along the coast. The first part of the trip was set to embark from the booming metropolis of Klamath, home of the largest drive-through redwood tree in the world. What it wasn’t home to, however, was the fast and reliable internet connection that we enjoy here in the heart of Silicon Valley. From there, a couple of days and a few dozen miles of backpacking made for a wonderful escape from the daily grind, until it was time to pull up stakes and keep moving again. Off to the majestic views of the coastline of Mendocino County and the glimmering Sea Glass Beach in Ft. Bragg. After a tour of pygmy redwood forests, trail runs, and homemade cherry ice cream, it was further south to the iconic Jenner by the Sea and historic downtown Guerneville. The point of recounting all of these stops along the way as I gradually returned to the Bay Area is that, no matter where my travels took me, I never had to be out of touch if I didn’t want to be.

When Plan A Is No Longer an Option

in business, as in life, we can prepare for almost every possible outcome to a situation. Sometimes, though, those considerations do not cover that one little variation that comes along and threatens to topple our plans to the ground. It’s at these moments that flexibility will decide the difference between a successful and ruinous outcome to the situation. The ability to adapt is important for a leader and it’s important for the tools a leader uses to lend themselves to the same type of flexibility. Being an innovation leader in hosted VoIP means that we hold flexibility as highly regarded as anything else, which is why we’ve made systems that can be relied upon even during the most dynamic of situations.

Dash business telephone service is as flexible as it gets, both in design and functionality. No matter where I was along the California coast, I was able to use either my data connection or the wifi at a local café to connect with my coworkers when I needed to. Granted, while this trip was more aboutdisconnecting rather than staying tethered to the job, it’s important to note that while my plans may have shifted throughout the weekend, my ability to connect when I needed to did not. This is just one of the benefits of hosted business telephone systems from VirtualPBX but it’s also one of the most definitive advantages over a standard, on-site PBX system.

Remembering What We Celebrate

It’s at this time I’d like to make a point, too, of remembering why it is that countless millions of us had the opportunity to enjoy such an adventure this weekend. It’s not because of the fancy phone systems we make here, but rather it’s solely attributable to the dedication and commitment of our nation’s armed forces.

Of course it should go without saying that we here at VirtualPBX are eternally grateful to our men and women in the armed forces and their families who give the ultimate sacrifice for the country. That is why no matter what time of year it is, we’ll always offer our nation’s servicemen and women the greatest flexibility and accommodation that we can through our Military Discount Program. Similarly, we’d encourage everyone to take the time to thanks a veteran for his or her service throughout the year, and not just on these special occasions. Until the next adventure, we hope you all enjoy the shortened workweek and had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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