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Best Buddies Hearst Castle Recap

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Best Buddies Hearst Castle Recap

Best Buddies Start LineOn an early, crisp morning in September, 1,500 athletes came together in the pre-dawn hours to embark on a journey that would be transformative both in their lives, and in the loves of thousands of others who they would probably never meet. This was the start of the Best Buddies Challenge, Hearst Castle.

Together We Can Do Anything

As you may know, we’re dedicated to improving our community by contributing through a number of charities, most recently we’ve teamed up to raise money for the Best Buddies Challenge Hearst Castle for a second year in a row. This year, many of you helped us to meet our goals and shatter our previous records, and thanks to you and our business partners, our team raised $10,160 in just a few short weeks! That money contributed to the whopping $4.5 million that this annual ride/run/walk along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway raised to benefit people with developmental and physical disabilities.

Bringing Faces to the Challenge

Best Buddies does more than just raise money to provide services, it creates communities. One of the key aspects of the Best Buddies organization is an emphasis on actually making buddies! By bringing the communities that they serve into the process of planning, promoting, and ultimately participating in events like the Best Buddies Challenge Hearst Castle, they are making long-term, meaningful friendships a reality for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the same type of environments made available to them. Additionally, Best Buddies understands that getting out, being active, and helping these folks get more socialization and interaction outside of their immediate circles sets them up for success in the other Best Buddies focus – job placement. Participating in the Best Buddies Challenge Hearst Castle gave use the opportunity to make and help new friends, plus if gave valuable experience to all of the men and women who worked on the event to take with them into their new roles.

Best Buddies Riders Lon and JenPlus, like many charitable organizations, Best Buddies generates waves of positivity that continue long after the event is over. With hundreds more people this year who participated or donated for the first time, this event is sure to keep passing along its positive impact for well into the season and next year. Until that time, when you can absolutely count on us setting new goals, we’ll be enjoying the glow (and added calories!) of having raised and ridden a lot further than we once thought possible to help this incredible cause.

Get Involved!

For more information on how to get involved in the next Best Buddies Challenge Hearst Castle, or for more information on the organization and its mission, visit the home of the world’s foremost supporter of people with developmental disabilities today.

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