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Now and then, we pick up an industry award for our hard work in the communications market. Sometimes we give away phones! Find our wins, and what you can win, in these posts.

Congratulations to Our Conference Phone Winner

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone WinnerWe know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of our conference phone winner.

Well wait no longer. Our Conference Phone Giveaway ended this week, and we’re excited to congratulate Daniel V. as the new recipient of a Yealink CP960.

We’re thrilled to reward our winner and to thank all our contest participants for getting involved in this month-long endeavor.

Unparalleled Success

The buzz in the VirtualPBX office has been non-stop focus on our giveaway:

  • “Great job on the giveaway banner!”
  • “Did you see the social media response to the contest?”
  • “Look at how many entries we have!”

We are truly blown away by the number of entries we saw in this contest. In four short weeks, we saw 745 entries, which makes this the most successful giveaway we’ve ever had.

You may have found our contest by following the VirtualPBX Facebook page, reading the latest company blog posts, and searching for our website directly in Google.

It’s been a pleasure to see that our outreach in all those areas has caught and kept your attention.

We’ll See You Again Soon

Thank you again for the strong showing. We surely appreciate your attention and hope to see you at the next contest. And congratulations, once more, to conference phone winner Daniel V.

Want to learn more about the hardware we support? Our list of pre-configured devices includes smartphones, desk phones, and conference phones from leading brands like Apple, Google, Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, and Cisco. Don’t hesitate to email or start an online chat with a sales representative to talk about renting or buying any device you see listed.

Our Conference Phone Giveaway Ends at Midnight Tonight!

Conference Phone Giveaway Ends at MidnightWe just wanted to remind you – not startle you – that our Conference Phone Giveaway ends at midnight tonight!

That’s right. At 12:00 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday, October 02, you will no longer have the chance to win a Yealink CP960 as part of our contest.

Where Can I Enter?

Click this Conference Phone Giveaway link or click the banner below before today comes to a close.

The Yealink CP960 is Awesome

Aside from just looking cool, our giveaway prize, the Yealink CP960 has many features that are sure to help your conference calls.

  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 720×1280 Pixel Graphical LCD Touchscreen
  • High Definition Voice
  • A 20 ft. Range with Expansion Microphones
  • Background Noise Suppression

It’s perfect for weekly team meetings or monthly status updates with investors.

Gather a roomful of enthusiastic employees around this state-of-the-art device to make your next meeting efficient and productive.

Now that our Dash Business Phone System offers Conferencing and Call Recording for free, this could be your opportunity to take full advantage of those essential features.

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Giveaway

VirtualPBX Named 2018 Top Ten VoIP Solution Provider

VirtualPBX Named 2018 Top Ten VoIP Solution ProviderIt’s been a busy few weeks for awards here at VirtualPBX. First was the 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award for our free to use Web Phone, then the 2018 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for our new 4G LTE Mobile Feature, and now we’re back again with more award news. This time, however, it’s not one particular feature that we’re celebrating, but our core VoIP service – Dash Business Phone Plans – which just received a Top Ten VoIP Solution Provider award.

Enterprise Networking Mag Names VirtualPBX 2018 Top Ten VoIP Solution Provider

In their Top Ten VoIP Providers article, Enterprise Networking Mag details the top features of Dash Business Phone Plans, including:

  • Auto Attendant: greets your callers with a pre-recorded message, directing them to the individual, department, voicemail box, or informational message of their choosing. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, Auto Attendant is your virtual receptionist, saving time for your callers and employees, while also working overtime to route callers during off-hours and holidays to pre-selected alternate destinations.
  • 4G LTE Mobile: this award-winning feature gives you and your employees the freedom of mobility by allowing you the full use of VoIP features on mobile phones without forwarding calls or installing apps. Additionally, as a first for VirtualPBX customers, 4G LTE Mobile also includes texting and shared data.
  • Web Phone: the perfect communications insurance plan and/or preferred streamlined calling solution, this feature allows you to make calls on any device using a web browser. The Web Phone, powered by WebRTC technology, is included for free on all plans and uses plan minutes.

Award-Winning Features, Interface, and Service Backed by 24/7 Support

While Dash Business Phone Plans were only released two years ago, our commitment to our customers goes back to our founding over twenty years ago. That’s why we offer 24/7 support with all plan levels – whether you’re a one person shop or leading an enterprise with thousands of employees – we are standing by at all hours to lend a hand. But our support isn’t limited to the help you may need in the moment. We’re committed to grow with our customers by expanding the technology our plans our built on, tracking feedback, and making available for the public our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap.

Test Drive the Best for Free

The features above just scratch the surface. Take a look at the full list of Dash Features today and you just may find a way that we can help you streamline your business communications. We believe in our offering so strongly, that we offer a free trial on our Dash Business Phone Plans so that you can try before you buy. Included in the free trial are 14 days of service or 300 minutes – whichever comes first. So, what are you waiting for? Find out for yourself why VirtualPBX is ranked among the top ten VoIP providers today!

VirtualPBX-Powered 4G LTE Mobile Wins Product of the Year Award!

VirtualPBX-Powered 4G LTE Mobile Wins Product of the Year Award!If it seems like we were just sharing another award win, you’d be right. This time, however, we’re celebrating the first award to be granted to our 4G LTE Mobile feature – another new feature added to our lineup in 2018.

Seamless Mobile – The Way it was Meant to Be

Employees are happier and more productive when given the tools that they want to use to communicate. That’s why device compatibility has always been a major point of focus for us here at VirtualPBX. And while historically users have been able to use mobile devices on their business phone plans by means of a softphone app or call forwarding, 4G LTE Mobile brings much more to the table and does so without a separate phone plan from a mobile provider.

4G LTE Mobile gives users the ability to talk, text, and share data across all employees on a system. No call forwarding, no apps – 4G LTE natively. Not only does this mean that all devices are on one invoice – it means that administration is all in one place too, letting companies more easily assign devices to new employees, manage call routing, and assemble call reports. It also brings all of the features available on VirtualPBX Phone Plans to the mobile device. This includes call recording, ACD Queues, extension to extension dialing, and more. Users simply sign up to receive a SIM card for an existing mobile device, or purchase a new mobile device from VirtualPBX with a SIM card included.

Award-Winning Features in the Works

Our teams are always hard at work adding new features and functionality. Keep an eye out for updates to the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap where we share upcoming and ongoing projects – who knows, the next entry may be an award winner soon, too! Otherwise, you can always keep up with VirtualPBX news here on our blog as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

The VirtualPBX Web Phone Wins 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award

WebRTC Product of the Year AwardThe VirtualPBX Web Phone – our newest feature which was only introduced three months ago – is already the winner of a prestigious WebRTC award! TMC, a thought-leader and educational resource for the VoIP market has granted the VirtualPBX Web Phone a 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award.

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the driving technology behind our VirtualPBX Web Phone – WebRTC (or Web Real Time Communications) – which makes it possible to deliver safer and less expensive technology using open source technology available in modern browsers. While this technology has been in development for a number of years, its adoption has recently been picking up steam fast. Transparency Market Research reports the worth of the WebRTC market to grow to $81.52 billion USD by 2025. WebRTC is just getting started and so are we.

We don’t spend much time resting on our laurels here at VirtualPBX and our team of designers and engineers who have produced the VirtualPBX Web Phone haven’t rested when it comes to advances in this feature now decorated as a WebRTC Product of the Year. Today, the Web Phone delivers crystal clear calls through a customer’s web browser and offers features like Call History, a Company Directory, and in-call functions like transferring, holding, or adjusting audio settings. In the future, customers can expect a click to call browser extension, quick access to other VirtualPBX features, and a number of other added functionalities that we’re keeping under wraps for now.

If you’re already a Dash user, the VirtualPBX Web Phone is already available to you – no matter which business phone plan you are on. Simply login to your account, add the Web Phone to your user, and you’ll be able to sign into the VirtualPBX Web Phone using your Dash credentials. We’ve also created a step-by-step guide with visuals to help you get started.

VirtualPBX Web Phone