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Dash Wins Back-to-Back with 2018 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award!

2018 Internet Telephony Product of the YearThe news is in and last week, TMC presented the 2018 Internet Telephony Awards to the industry’s best and brightest stars. This is always an occasion for excitement for companies that have products and services being reviewed, but for us, it was a more subdued feeling. That’s because last year we won the prestigious 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award and, frankly, we’ve never seen anyone win it two years in a row. Well, now we’ve seen a whole lot more than we bargained for because TMC just announced that Dash Business Phone Service Plans were once again the recipient of the 2018 Internet Telephony Product of the Year!

Same Award, Totally Different Service

To say that the VirtualPBX business VoIP service plan, Dash, has won the same award two years in a row is entirely correct. However, to assume that the service itself is the same isn’t as accurate. Sure, we still offer the industry’s leading 99.999% operational uptime that keeps customers talking, and Dash still comes with the around-the-clock, 24-hour Customer Support that ensures they’ve got help anytime they need it, too. But as formidable as these and all of Dash’s other features are, it was going to take a whole lot more than that to wow the panelists at TMC and earn a second shot at the title of Product of the Year. Fortunately, a whole lot more is exactly what we’ve added to Dash over the past year, too.

What Made Dash A Winner

By just taking a moment’s glance over the past and current developments on the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap, it’s quite plain to see that there is always a lot going on in the way of product and feature development. Dash has been one of the biggest focuses of that growth over the past year, and Dash customers have had several key areas of improvement that convinced the judges to award it the 2018 Internet Telephony Product of the Year for a second year running. First was the integration of the popular Salesforce CRM software into the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone. This allows users to seamlessly integrate both of arguably the most important sales tools in any organization with ease, all while improving the experience of each in the process. The second largest development for Dash that tipped the scales for the award was the introduction of Webhooks powered by Zapier. By supporting the use of Webhooks, VirtualPBX has allowed businesses to pick and choose among over 750 of the world’s most popular business applications to integrate with their business telephone service. Additionally, this also allows for organizations that have proprietary or internal operational systems covering anything from inventory management to order fulfillment to create custom integrations for their software into Dash, as well. And although this news broke after the TMC panel closed their window for submissions and began deliberation, VirtualPBX now even supports a Mobile for Business feature on Dash service plans, as well.

Even without this groundbreaking nationwide 4G LTE mobile feature for businesses, the overall growth of the Dash service plan feature set combined with its still unique design and reliability was enough for the industry experts at TMC to have seen enough. That’s why we’re proudly announcing the back-to-back wins for Dash as it takes home the 2018 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award and we welcome you all to try Dash today for all of your business communications needs! Sign up now to get your free demo today!

Holiday Traditions Continue with VirtualPBX and Snap Recordings

Holiday traditionsI have a friend who is spending his first holiday season with his new spouse this year, and I am always interested to learn how different families approach the season. Just as we are a giant melting pot of cultures, holidays, and celebrations, the way we mark those occasions can vary widely, as well. This is, of course, one of the things that make our home so wonderful and, if nothing else, at times quite interesting. One tradition that I still have a difficult time reconciling myself with, though, is the one where some families open a gift on Christmas Eve, rather than waiting until the morning. Of course, while that may be anathema to my family, and me it in no way means that our own pastimes aren’t looked at with equal side-eyes. In the spirit of acceptance of all traditions, regardless of when you do or do not like to give and receive gifts, we teamed up with our friends at Snap Recordings to once again offer you something very special as part of our favorite VirtualPBX tradition.

Holiday Traditions That Won’t Get Re-Gifted

From now until the end of the year, you can get a free holiday recording from the professional voice talent at Snap Recordings. This year, we’re even extending the offer to include both VirtualPBX customers and the general public alike, because it is the season of giving, after all. This means that one of the Hollywood voice actors from the professionals at Snap Recordings can be your voice of the season for free. Recordings that can normally cost up to several hundred dollars are already completed in several different varieties and available for you to download right now, just by heading to the Snap Recordings and VirtualPBX mini site. Simply head there, download the recording of your liking, and upload it into your Dash business phone system and you’re all set to put the holidays on cruise control.Seasons Greetings and Well-Earned Time Off

In addition to having the simplest way to manage and upload your new, free, Snap Recordings Holiday Message, Dash also makes it easy to skip out of the office a little early, too. We all know the many mobility and location-flexibility benefits that come from Dash’s cloud-based features, but the platform does more than even that. Sure, it’s nice to get to work from the road to get a jump on the holidays and time off, but when the office is definitely shut-down for a period, Dash also lets you manage that with ease, too. Setting holiday hours, out of office notifications, and generally managing all of the schedule changes that occur this time of year is a breeze with the full complement of Dash Support Guides and Videos, so there’s nothing to hold you back from getting the most out of your time with loved ones this year.

The Real Holiday Traditions Are At Home

Getting to break away from the grind and get close to those who matter most to us is what this season is really about. That’s why, though it may seem like something insignificant at first, we put as much time and energy into designing the tools you need to completely shut yourself off from work to be with them as we do into the ones that let you work hard the rest of the time. So please, enjoy our gift to you from us and Snap Recordings and get your free holiday message here. And if you need any help uploading it into your Dash system or anything else over the holidays, just know that our lights will be on all night long through the holidays, just like they are 365 days a year. That means that you can always reach out to our Expect Support Guides if you need anything between now and, well, ever.

Rest easy by the fire with your family this year knowing all is well with your phone system. And, of course, thank you as always for being the most important part of our VirtualPBX community, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

SIP Trunking gets Recognized with Unified Communications Excellence Award

SIP TrunkingWe’re thrilled to announce that we’re ending the year on a high note, it seems, because we were just named the winners of the 2017 TMC Unified Communications Excellence Award! The specific area that the award was given to highlight is our totally reimagined approach to SIP Trunking which, apparently, really won over the review board. In act, in our recent SIP Trunking press release about the award, you can see some of the glowing commentary that the recently revamped technology garnered.

How SIP Trunking Won the 2017 Unified Communications Excellence Award

SIP Trunking is a technology that was developed to help companies that had already made large investments into on-site PBX’s take advantage of some of the mobility and customization that can only be provided by a cloud-based telephone system. SIP Trunking was an essential bridge to the advantages of a hosted PBX when larger organizations realized they needed to access them but that were also still financially beholden to their on-site hardware investments. We go into much finer detail on the underlying technology of SIP Trunking and how it generally relates to hosted PBX in our KP360 Tech Talks Blog for anyone looking to learn more, but the way we delivered SIP Trunking to a modern audience is what really earned us this award.

The Modern Face of SIP Trunking

We developed our SIP Trunking platform to satisfy the most rigorous technical demands of our largest enterprise customers. But to differentiate it from other options and to have it dovetail with the well thought out design of our total line of user-centric Dash VoIP Plans, we packaged it as cleanly as possible and in a way that no other option on the market can offer. Like with all of our products, we didn’t deliver a finished product until we knew it would put the needs of our end users at the forefront. The employees and admins of all of our business telephone systems, their needs and pain points, and our two-way feedback channel that goes into the development of all of our products are solely responsible for the win of the 2017 TMC Unified Communications Excellence Award. Without these insightful and fruitful relationships, none of this could have been possible.

That being said, it is with great gratitude and honor that we accept this award on the behalf of the hundreds of dedicated contributors in our BETA community, the thousands of companies they represent, and the millions of customers that we hope to help them service at the highest level. Thanks to you all and thank you to TMC for recognizing all of the hard work that went into our newly redesigned SIP Trunking platform.

Today’s the Day to Save with VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale!

turkey sandwich to save on cyber mondayWe’ve told you about it, you’ve waited for it, you’ve set reminders for it, and the time has finally come! It’s time for you to shake off your tryptophan stupor and get your head in the game for the massive Cyber Monday Sale. We’ve never done this before, and we’ll never do it again, so if you want to upgrade your entire business communications system for prices that you’ll swear are typos, now is the time to act. For only the remaining hours of today, this day only and possibly never again, we are giving 20% discounts on all Dash Plans as well as including one free month of VirtualPBX Concierge Service!

What This Means in Real Dollars

We’ve never been shy about how much our customers save when they switch to VoIP. Why should we? When you have something that has helped thousands of companies save literally up to 80% over an on-site telephone system, you really need to talk about that. Think about your telephone bill and then take 80% off of what you’re currently paying. Pretty substantial, isn’t it? That’s the type of benefit we’re talking about with switching to VirtualPBX and a cloud-based telephone system. But the great thing is that savings on service are just the beginning because the flexibility, features, and around-the-clock 24/7 support that comes with every Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plan makes switching even more valuable. And now, for only a few more hours, you can save an additional 20% up front by taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale!

No Time to Lose

This Cyber Monday Sale is only going to last for Monday, November 27, 2017, and only for the 24 hours as recognized here at our headquarters in San Jose, California. That means that you’ve only got until 11:59 PM PDT to save and the clock is ticking. Plus, remember that all plan sign-ups today during the sale get a month of VirtualPBX Concierge Service for free to streamline your transition and make your configuration a no-brainer, just like this deal! Act now and leave making a leftover turkey sandwich for later because this deal, much like Aunt Patty’s Pumpkin Pie, is going fast and won’t last forever!

cyber Monday Reminder

The Biggest Ever VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale Is Coming!

cyber monday saleIf you’ve noticed the changes in your local supermarkets, shopping malls, and coffee shops, then you’re very well aware that the holiday season is upon us. While I would argue that technically, it isn’t, the retailers of the world seem disinterested in the specifics of the calendar and many of whom are well in the swing of things for their biggest seasonal sales bumps of the year. We don’t blame them at all, in fact, many of our own customers have been working hard to prepare for their own Small Business Saturday events. That’s why we’re going to let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping for a while now…

VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale!

That’s right! We’re having our largest sale ever on November 27, 2017, the Monday after Thanksgiving and more commonly known as Cyber Monday. We’ll be having savings of 20% on all Dash Business Phone Service! We’ve never done anything like this before but wanted to make this Cyber Monday one you’ll never forget. Plus, in addition to the great savings that will only be available for one day (Cyber Monday, to be exact), we’re also extending incredible deals that include our award-winning VirtualPBX Concierge Service, too. Add that to the existing deals we have on VoIP phones and hardware currently running as part of our online store grand opening, and November can be the biggest month for savings that your business has ever seen!

Mark Your Calendars

Again, the VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale is only going to last for one day and one day only, so you definitely won’t want to miss out. Let us help you out by sending you a reminder, simply sign up for notifications at the bottom of the promotion page, and we’ll keep you in the loop for the big day. Plus, you can always get the low-down on our latest news and promotions by following us on Twitter and Facebook, too. No matter how you remember to check out the deals, though, make sure to enjoy your pumpkin spiced everything in the coming days because you’ll need all of the energy you can get to snag all the savings we’ll offer your business!

cyber Monday Reminder

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