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Save Big During Our New Online Store’s Grand Opening

grand openingWe’ve just wrapped up construction on our shiny new online retail shop and we’d like to invite you to come check it out! Because we understand that a house warming party is more fun with some door prizes, though, we’ve decided to make the new online store grand opening well worth your while. Right now, you can enjoy up to 20% off selected VoIP phones and devices for the next week! Don’t delay, though, because these deals won’t be around forever!

What Makes VirtualPBX VoIP Phones so Great?

Well, besides the current deal of up to 20% off on all of our in-stock VoIP phones, adapters, and other VoIP equipment, our list of recommended hardware is special in another way, too. Because we’ve been in the VoIP industry for as long as there has been a VoIP industry, we know a thing or two about how to spot quality hardware. Every item on our recommended list of devices is subjected to the most stringent battery of assessments to test for things like sound quality, durability, reliability, and overall value compared to products with feature parity. As a result, we’ve assembled the most highly scrutinized list of products for businesses with budgets ranging from bare bones to bigwig. And no matter which items you want, everything is already priced to please even the most restrictive of accounts payable clerks with our new online store’s grand opening savings! To make it even easier, we’ve even extended the promotional savings to every phone you can find right here on just like the Yealink phone below, too!

Act Fast, Tell Your Friends

The only thing better than getting a killer deal is being able to share your good fortune with other people, too. That doesn’t mean we’re suggesting that you outfit your colleague’s office with new VoIP phones along with your own purchases (we’re not going to stop you from doing that, either, though…), but it does mean you can share these deals with them online. But don’t wait, because the grand opening savings on our new online shop are only good for a short time. Then we just stay open, really. So go ahead and pick out your favorite phones today and if you have any questions, make sure to ask us through the site’s online chat or on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll be happy to help!

Halloween Jokes & BOGO Phones Make for an Un-Boo-lievable Opportunity!

halloween jokesYou already know that we love Halloween but some of you may not know that we are so fired up about our favorite holiday, that we decided to open the crypt to your benefit. Well, that’s only if by crypt, you mean our list of recommended VoIP phones and devices. Semantics aside, the point is that if you’re current office phones are older than the pyramids, than it’s way past time to send them to the tombs where they can their eternal unrest. This is truer now than ever because we’re offering Buy-One-Get-One Free on VoIP Phones, but only until the end of today! That’s right, when the clock strikes 12 tonight, Pacific Time, all of these deals will crawl back into the night, never to be seen again! To help you make your decision on why it’s time to get a new VoIP phone this Halloween, I’ve put together the following holiday non-sequiturs to use around the office that will help get the wheels moving.

How to Get a New BOGO VoIP Phone, Halloween Style

Because the BOGO deal ends tonight, you need to act fast. Use these phrases to help strike up a conversation about why ut’s time to get a new phone.

  • I can’t boo-lieve there’s a cobweb on my phone. I mean, it’s so old I thought that would have petrified by now!
  • If I was a ghost, I’d be terrible at lying… because you could see right through me! That’s why I’m being serious, we really need to update our phones here.
  • You know why our old office phones make me want to eat dessert? Because every time I think about how old they are, I SCREAM! Get it? The phones are old.
  • What’s a ghost’s favorite pasta? Spooketi! Hey, I need a new phone.
  • Do you know what you get when you mix a cocker spaniel, a poodle, and a ghost? You get a cocker poodle BOO! But seriously, I had to tell that joke three times on the phone before the person on the other line heard me right. We should probably get some new phones.
  • I love it when Halloween and casual Friday fall on the same day. Because then I get to wear BOO-jeans! Hey, so about those new phones…
  • What did the ghost say to the other ghost? No, seriously, they were using these old phones, I honestly have no idea because they need to be updated.
  • You know why demons and ghouls always hang out together? Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend! For real, if we don’t take advantage of this awesome BOGO deal on phones, we’re doing ourselves, our customers, and our business a great disservice. Let’s call Bob in accounting and get it settled out before the deal ends.

The Clock is Ticking

Obviously, some of those will be more naturally integrated into the conversation than others, but the point is that you need to get moving if you want to take advantage of these great deals. Also, remember that you can recycle your old office phones and all of your electronic waste using our helpful Hardware Recycling Guide, too. This way we make sure that there are harmful chemicals nor toxic leaks in our communities to make any real monsters from the blue lagoons come looking for us after this sale.

Remember to act fast, have fun, and be the best demons you can be this and every Halloween! And from all of us at VirtualPBX, we hope your night is filled with frightfully fun and safe trick-or-treating!

Celebrate Halloween by Ceremonially Burying Your Ancient Phone

celebrate halloweenIt’s no secret that we love Halloween around here. Seriously, it’s so obvious that sometimes “love” may even be a bit conservative. As a group of fanatical Halloween aficionados are wont to do, we’ve begun our spooky preparations well before the 31th of October. Because we also wanted to help you get into the spirits, ahem, spirit of the occasion, too, we’ve decided to offer you a chance to update your office communications in a most seasonably appropriate way. From now until the end of the month, you can blow the cobwebs off of your old desk phone because we’re offering a Buy-One-Get-One Free on VoIP Phones Promotion for the month of October!

Old Isn’t Bad, But It’s Still a Bit Creepy

This BOGO deal is designed to get you to feel comfortable ditching your old technology for something new and sleek without breaking the bank. Some of our customers have been with us for the entire 20 years that we’ve been in business, and some of them are even using VoIP phones they got shortly after joining. It was then that we conducted a quick survey to see a cross-section of the average age of the telephones and on-site hardware that people were using and, to be kind, calling a few of the responses ghastly may be a bit of an understatement. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with an older phone, but maybe you’ve noticed, telecommunications hardware technology has improved a bit over the past two decades. Using the Halloween theme to extend this a bit further, think about the haunted house at the end of the road in every scary movie you’ve ever seen. Is it a split-level minimalist design with an open floor plan and a living roof? Or is it a dilapidated, ramshackle tenement with open sewer smells and possibly something living in the walls? All we’re trying to say is if your phone was around for the first broadcast of War of the Worlds, maybe it’s time to take advantage of this killer BOGO VoIP Phone deal. Plus, with these great options from Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink, you really shouldn’t need any more motivation to upgrade.

Yealink W52P

The Only Thing Scarier Than Old Phones…

Is, of course, wastefulness. We don’t want you to think that just because your old phone may be half in the grave already that tossing it into the trash heap is the best way to deal with it. Just like there’s a special way to dispose of a vampire’s body to ensure it won’t rise again to wreak havoc on the countryside once more, there’s also a right way to deal with your old e-waste, too. After you’ve pulled the trigger on your new BOGO Phone Deal, make sure you use our Hardware Recycling Guide to keep the valuable metals in your old phones going to good (re)use and to keep the harmful chemicals in the rest of it from going into the environment. Plus, many times it’s as easy as dropping them off at a local electronics retailer, too, so there’re no excuses.

And, of course, this deal may be almost too good to be true, but it isn’t here forever. Just like the idyllic scenes in the beginnings of all horror movies are destined to unravel, the savings from our Buy-One-Get-One-Free VoIP Phone Deal are going to disappear at midnight on October 31st, so celebrate Halloween and act now… before it’s too late!

Desktop Softphone Won The 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year!

Desktop Softphone Won 2017 Product of the YearWe just got some terrific news from TMC, one of the telecom industry’s most trusted monitors, and we are pleased to share it with you today. The VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone won the 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year for 2017! We’re thrilled to have received this prestigious honor from a panel of judges whose experience ranges from all corners of the telecommunications industry over the course of the past few decades. With this type of legitimacy and those impressive credentials, it’s incredibly satisfying and humbling to have been recognized among the dozens of other impressive products that were released in the past twelve months.

VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone and CRM Integration

desktop softphone crm integrationIt makes sense that this is the year that the judges chose to award the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone with the product of the year, however, because it has undergone some impressive changes so far in 2017. As many of you already learned from either our VirtualPBX New Products Newsletter or by following our Product Roadmap, we recently launched a new collaboration that made the already popular softphone take off to new heights. By introducing the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone and Salesforce CRM Integration, we’ve empowered sales teams across the globe to leverage their favorite existing software platforms in ways they had never been able to before. With complete data visualizations covering a myriad of call and lead closure and advancement metrics, and by being able to one-click-call directly from the CRM platform they already trust, sales teams are more suitably equipped to never miss a beat in the increasingly hectic world of sales. We’re proud to have done more to not just successfully overlap two of the most integral digital business tools available, but to have made specific adjustments whereby the sum of the parts now are greater than the whole thanks to this integration.

Always More to Come

We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t a hugely significant win for ourselves and our customers, but that’s not what it’s all about, either. Of course the praise and recognition from the industry is special to us, but that’s always just motivation to press our horizons out even further. That said, thank you to everyone who participated in beta testing, contributed to the feature requests on our Product Roadmap, and for everyone else who trusts us to deliver them the very best business communications tools we can. Without you all none of this would be possible. Make sure to stay tuned to the regular channels and on Twitter and Facebook for what is yet to come. We’re looking forward to having you along for the journey!

The Best Communications Tools for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

best communications toolsIf you don’t know by now, the 20th Anniversary of VirtualPBX has been in full swing this whole month. With trips down memory lane, great opportunities to save on hosted telephone service, and a lot of self-reflection, it has been a month packed with events. But just like we’ve been quick to mention all along the way, this month marks a stop along the way of a journey, not a destination. We may offer and service the best business communications tools we can offer today, but our focus is always set on building the best communications tools for tomorrow and beyond.

The Best Communications Tools for Any Year

As we’ve mentioned before, our entire company history is built on innovation and experimenting with things that have never been done before. By developing VoIP for business and a cloud-based telephone model 20 years ago, we were the tip of the spear on developing the best communications tools for a generation that hadn’t known anything about the internet before then. Plus, with the highly decorated Dash for business that made a huge splash last year, we continued that theme by delivering the best communications tools for a generation that expects more intuitive, consumer-centric design in their applications. And by continuing to look down the road, both figuratively and down our Product Roadmap, we’re aiming at making the best communications tools for whatever generations come next, too.

The Party May be Winding Down, But the Fun Isn’t Over

We’ve still got great promotional savings to be had through the end of the day today, Tuesday July 25, 2017, at midnight, so you can still get in on the Anniversary fun until then. But just because the party is over, doesn’t mean we’re finished pushing the boundaries on building and servicing the best communications tools around. Not by a long shot! Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook channels and come back here often for the latest updates and news. We’ve come a long way to get here, and we’re not even remotely close to being finished.

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