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Earn Rewards While Advocating for VirtualPBX: The All-New Customer Referral Program

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Earn Rewards While Advocating for VirtualPBX: The All-New Customer Referral Program

Referral ProgramVirtualPBX always has its ear to the ground with the latest and greatest in emerging technologies. That’s why we have so many happy customers! Because of that, we want to make it as easy as possible to allow our community to share their satisfaction with their peers.

We are pleased to introduce the all-new, VirtualPBX Customer Referral Program.

Earn Rewards With Our Customer Referral Program

Here are VirtualPBX, we make it easy to sign up. You can have your entire Dash business phone system ready and running in a matter of minutes! So why not make it easy for our amazing community of customers to share their great experience with their coworkers and friends while also earning rewards in the process?

Becoming an advocate in easy! All you need to do is fill out a form to get your very own customer referral code to offer your friends and then watch the rewards come in. Here’s what those rewards will look like:

Number Of Users 1 User 2-10 Users 11-50 Users 51-100 Users 101+ Users
Reward Bonus $25 $50 $100 $300 $600

Redeem Your Gift Card Through TangoCard

Referral ProgramOnce someone uses your referral code to sign up for VirtualPBX, you will be notified immediately. Then, once they have completed their onboarding process, you will receive an email from our rewards partner, TangoCard, will a voucher to redeem a gift card of your choosing! What’s more? We understand that being a part of the VirtualPBX community is much more than just “making money”, so if you choose to not accept a reward for referring, there are tons of option with TangoCard to instead donate your reward to a charity of your choosing.

Start Advocating Today!

Are you excited to jump right into advocating for VirtualPBX? Check out our Referral Program page to get started and you will be well on your way to sharing all that VirtualPBX has to offer with your very own Customer Referral Code.

Happy advocating!

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