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TSELLC Case Study Features Our VirtualPBX 300 Plan

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TSELLC Case Study Features Our VirtualPBX 300 Plan

TSELLC LogoSince the launch of our Unlimited Users Plans in 2019, we’ve had a number of customers test the mettle of those 300-, 500-, and 1000-minute phone plans that were made for the needs of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and companies that don’t typically handle large call volumes.

One of those customers is TSELLC, which we have now featured in a case study that outlines the company’s journey from our legacy system to our new Unlimited Users Plans.

Each of those plans offers access to important business features like Call Forwarding and helps customers save money by allowing Unlimited Minutes Plans to focus on enterprise options like Call Reporting and ACD Queues.

TSELLC Uses VirtualPBX 300 to Its Advantage

Long-time customer TSELLC uses the VirtualPBX 300 plan to give itself a presence larger than its employee count may suggest.

At just five employees, including president and owner Art Wilkes, TSELLC has made a name for itself as a prominent software developer. It’s currently working on a line of coding wizards and an interface library, and completing all its work with a team that’s spread across the globe.

“We are an entirely virtual company,” Wilkes told VirtualPBX during its case study interview. He noted that his company uses its VirtualPBX Phone Plan as a supplement for its other electronic means of contact.

“Our customers mainly contact us through email and our website.” He was candid about the phone system’s position in the hierarchy of company contact. The phone plan plays a secondary role, but it does so with distinction by allowing TSELLC to have immediate use of an Automated Attendant and Voicemail for directing calls to the proper contacts at the company.

VirtualPBX Platforms Comparison

Adopting VirtualPBX, Upgrading to Dash

“We switched from another phone vendor when we moved to VirtualPBX,” Wilkes continued in his interview responses. VirtualPBX was able to provide TSELLC with a low cost and high quality of service in a plan that was developed back in 2015.

Since that time, VirtualPBX has grown in the number of core features it offers and the platform on which it runs its phone plans. All customers on the legacy system, vConsole, are now being upgraded to the new Dash platform.

TSELLC is one of those customers who recently made the upgrade. Wilkes’ costs for phone service in the past half decade have remained nearly the same, but there are dozens of features now available to all customers on any Dash plan they choose.

Dash is flexible in ways that the previous phone system wasn’t. It’s extensible and can easily offer customers upgrades to more powerful features, should they need them.

Read the TSELLC Case Study

For TSELLC, the status quo is working well. “We have done well with VirtualPBX, Wilkes remarked. And the members of the VirtualPBX team who have worked directly with TSELLC have described Wilkes and company as a pleasure to work with.

Writing the TSELLC case study has certainly moved smoothly. We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with companies that have a unique take on what phone system use can be. Wilkes and his compliment of remote employees show that even an introductory phone plan can be powerful enough to work on an international level. That’s the type of mettle we hope to always show.

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