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Web Conference on the Go With VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone

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Web Conference on the Go With VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone

VirtualPBX Softphone Screenshot - Hold Web Conferences With Video CallingOur strategy in developing the VirtualPBX Video Calling feature is to support as many devices as possible. This includes our VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone that allows you to hold web conferences while on the go.

Our softphone works with all our VoIP phone plans and has access to their many included features like Ring Groups and Voicemail. Our Video Calling feature is still in beta testing, and we’re happy to report that the VirtualPBX Softphone is able to create video conferences between two and more callers.

This means that, no matter where you choose to use your softphone, you can keep in touch with your team. Whether you’re working from a home office or keeping your distance at a co-working space, the VirtualPBX Softphone will keep you connected through web conferences.

Two Types of Conferencing

We have offered Audio Conferencing in our plans for several years. Presently, all VirtualPBX Phone Plans have access to conferences in this way.

Within a few minutes, you can set up a conference room for any user on your plan. Then that user can invite as many people to their personal conference room as they want. Both employees and customers can join a call.

Now our Video Calling feature will take that capability a bit further. Web conferences can be completed with or without video for all participants in a meeting.

For instance, you and two co-workers can all join a video call with your respective VirtualPBX Softphones. You can all enable or disable video for yourselves throughout the call. The call will continue for all participants with video turned on or off for any individual in the group.

Calls with customers can also take advantage of this ability by catering to their use of video. You can easily complete conferences through a video-enabled chat with any group of individuals, regardless of the type of phone they’re calling from and whether or not they can use video during a call.

WiFi and LTE Bandwidth

VirtualPBX Softphone Settings MenuNot all VirtualPBX customers will have the same bandwidth capabilities with the network connections they use.

Larger companies may have access to enterprise-class internet packages with gigabit speeds. Entrepreneurs may try to keep costs low with an introductory plan. How can they make the most of the bandwidth they have to spare?

The VirtualPBX Softphone gives users the option of changing their bandwidth settings for video-based conversations on both WiFi and LTE data connections. They can select a Low, Medium, and High level of video quality for both types of connections to preempt the type of service they receive through those mediums.

Customers with enterprise-class internet may have the option of turning their WiFi settings up to High to transmit 720p video. Access to 3G internet speed, however, could limit any user to a Medium or Low quality that they can accommodate within their softphone settings to the betterment of their web conferences.

When in an office, use of high-bandwidth WiFi could be appropriate and would have the potential to deliver HD video quality to call participants. When you’re commuting or even out of an office setting for a walk, mobile data might be more accessible, and you can let the softphone adapt to those conditions as necessary.

Web Conferences With VirtualPBX

Regardless of how you choose to use the VirtualPBX Softphone, there are options within the device that make it a powerful tool. Customers can keep entire departments in touch with web conferences that rely on video as their primary means of communication; this is also a great way for distributed teams to stay connected.

The VirtualPBX Softphone runs on Android and iOS devices and is being updated regularly as we work through our Video Calling feature. We’re happy to have you now as a beta test participant, or when Video Calling makes its way out of beta, we’ll be excited to see you begin using that feature regularly with any one of our phone options.

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