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Leaving California: 5 Best Cities for Remote Work

leaving california

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Leaving California: 5 Best Cities for Remote Work

Update Google My BusinessRemote workers are leaving California in droves in what many are labelling a “tech exodus” and the “great migration”. Given that nearly 50% of company executives will allow permanent work-from-home after the pandemic, big decisions lie ahead for the Golden State’s workforce.

Out of full disclosure, I left the Bay Area in California in 2018 after our hybrid team went remote full-time. Sure, I will always miss my family, the weather, and the gorgeous beaches, but moving to a remote-friendly city was the right decision.

In order to find the cities that offer remote workers the highest quality of life, I’ve analyzed factors like remote-friendly workspaces, taxes, cost of living, activities, and sunny weather.

Thinking of leaving California? Here are the 5 best cities for remote workers.

5 Best Cities for Remote Work

Salt Lake City, Utah

Best known for having the greatest snow on earth, Salt Lake City is an ideal destination for remote workers due to the high quality of life, family friendly neighborhoods, and plethora of outdoor activities. In the winter, you can ski and snowboard, and in the summer you can hike, rock climb, mountain bike, and camp. If you prefer to work away from home, it tops the list in both coffee shops and co-working spaces per capita. Plus, the airport was recently upgraded to an international airport – which allows you to travel the world in your spare time.

Austin, Texas

Austin’s Silicon Hills is quickly becoming the next Silicon Valley. Best known for its thriving music scene, Austin is regarded as a top place to live. It has world-class entertainment, warm weather, a strong economy, and a high quality of life. It’s also a top city to start a business and get funding. The demand to live in Austin is so high that real estate prices are soaring. To offset the high costs, you pay no income taxes, which is a hefty welcome gift from the Friendship state.

Remote Working in Austin

Denver, Colorado

Best known for its stunning beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural scene, Denver is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The Mile High City averages 8.4 coworking spaces per 100k people. That’s more than any other city on this list. With all the remote-friendly office spaces, restaurants, and entertainment, it’s almost as if Denver was designed with remote workers in mind. What’s not to love about 245 days of sun and beautiful views of the rocky mountains.

Remote Working in Denver

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is quickly becoming more than “Sin City” the entertainment capital of the world. Due to its close proximity to Los Angeles, affordable housing, entertainment, and tax incentives, it’s an attractive city for telecommuters. While there isn’t a ton of coworking spaces to choose from, many transplants are opting to buy a larger house in a master planned community. If you ever get bored of the world-class dining and shows, you can take a day trip to Zion National Park, Joshua Tree, and the Grand Canyon.

Remote Working in Las Vegas

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is best known for its warm weather and bustling metropolitan area. The Valley of the Sun has it all, from excellent food, parks, hiking trails, resorts, and so much more. While you won’t see very many co-working spaces and coffee shops, it ranks high for both affordable housing and childcare. If you don’t mind the hot weather, Phoenix makes a lot of sense for the variety and affordability it offers.

Remote Working in Phoenix

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