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Call Recording is your Steel Trap for Business

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Call Recording is your Steel Trap for Business

steel trapWe’ve all been there. Those times when you’re in a relationship with someone who remembers every little detail and nuance of your conversations. Sometimes we may THINK we recall the details, but this person never fails to blow our mind, or to blow away any argument we may be crafting with their uncanny memory. This person is like a steel trap of knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the same pinpoint accuracy and flawless recall? You can. Truth be told, you’re on your own with any nifty mnemonic technics that will help you track all of your conversations. With call recording from VirtualPBX, we can do that for your business like a steel trap.

Steel Trap: VirtualPBX Call Recording

Call Recording is a feature available with VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans. Which is good, because call recording is a regulatory necessity for some industries and an added benefit that provides a competitive advantage for the rest. VirtualPBX’s call recording feature is like a steel trap of knowledge. It has a wide range of applications and features and is used for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Quality control of customer service or support departments’ conversations like a steel trap
  • Training new hires and continuing education of existing employees.
  • Recording, cataloging, sorting, and storing recorded calls as an augmentation to your accounts payable and accounts receivable departments’ bookkeeping
  • Or just sharing your team’s successes and learning to strengthen their skillset and also empower them by giving them a stake in the greater team’s success.

Don’t let the opportunity to make meaningful improvements to your business pass you by. Call recording is way easier than you may have thought, it can be automated for any or all phone lines, and it can be initiated anytime mid-call with a simple command on your dial pad. Beginning a comprehensive call recording strategy will give your business a steel trap of a mind, and it’s way less unsettling than trying to do this in the personal realm.

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